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A giant white snake suddenly appeared, netizens scrambled “good luck”

Recently, social networks widely shared clips of a giant white snake, all white, lying at the entrance of Mau temple (Tien Phuong village, Van Phuong commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province).

The clip of a giant white snake suddenly appeared in the Mau shrine

According to recorded images, the python is large, about 3 meters long, weighs about 10kg and is a rare albino python in the wild. It is known that this python has appeared in the temple for about 2-3 days, sometimes moving in the middle of the way up and down, sometimes curled up under the foot of the stairs. Although many curious people came to observe, the albino python remained silent, attacking no one.

Responding to the PLO, Mr. Dinh Van Minh – lord of the temple Mrs. Chua Thuong thousand said that although he was old, he had never seen a white snake. Tourists from all over the world and people here only came to see it, but no one dared to capture it or influence it.

Many people also believe that the sudden appearance of a giant white snake is sacred, expecting favorable weather and peace, and peace will come to everyone.


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