A series of “women” fall in love with a strange boy

On March 12, the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department said that they had issued a fugitive decision for Cao Le Thi Duyen (SN 1984; living in Phu Nhuan district, Ho Chi Minh City) for fraudulent property confiscation.

According to the decision sought, people who know where Cao Le Thi Duyen lives should immediately notify Team 8, Ho Chi Minh City Public Security Investigation Bureau, address: No. 459 Tran Hung Dao, Cau Kho County, District 1, met with investigator Tran Song Toan, telephone number: 069-3187244 or the nearest police station.

Regarding the case, in May 2021, the Ho Chi Minh City Police arrested Le Van Nam (SN 1992, Thanh Hoa hometown) and Pham Van Chau (SN 1991, Hau Giang hometown) to investigate acts of fraud in occupying property. These two subjects, together with Cao Le Thi Duyen, colluded with many foreigners to form a line to deceive Vietnamese women by making acquaintances online, promising to marry, giving gifts, and giving money.

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According to the contents of the case, on March 26, 2021, Le Van Nam went to the bank transaction office in Binh Hung commune, Binh Chanh district using his ID card named Le Quoc T. to withdraw 45 million VND. The bank staff was alert and alerted the police. At the police station, Nam confessed to using a fake ID to withdraw money and declared Chau.

Expanding the investigation, the Ho Chi Minh City Police confiscated 400 identity cards, 44 driver’s licenses, and 80 ATM cards in Chau and Nam’s motel room.

Chau said in 2020, while working at a rice restaurant in Phu Nhuan district, he was asked by a woman named Na to create an account and bought it for 10 million VND. Chau collects a lot of ID cards, buys trash sims, and then goes to the bank to open 50 accounts and sell them to Na. During the investigation, the Ho Chi Minh City Police identified the woman named Na as Cao Le Thi Duyen.

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The subject often takes pictures of people in military uniforms to trick women

Cooperating with the police, said Duyen, who previously lived in Malaysia, met a man named Obinna (Nigeria), lived together as husband and wife and had the same child.

Obinna’s friend knows that Duyen is Vietnamese, so she invites you to trick “women” by pretending to be businessmen, soldiers, etc. to make friends through social networks and then promise a love story, send gifts and money to Obinna. please save or invest…

The group prepared two scenarios to use on a case-by-case basis. Duyen pretended to be a customs officer, an airport clerk, announced that the goods had arrived but were detained, and were asked to pay taxes and fees.

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These documents are also photographed to be sent to the victim

Duyen also provided account numbers for the victims to transfer money. Duyen divided by 10% of the money cheated. With each account, Duyen buys and resells to foreign objects, taking a profit of 2 million VND/account.

From 2015 until the time he was discovered, Duyen used multiple bank accounts for the above scams and cannot remember all of them.

The police also verified further, each bank account that this group used to defraud was at least several tens of millions, at most 1.5 billion. Because Duyen was raising a child under 36 months, the investigative agency had temporarily released him on bail but fled.

According to Pham Dung

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