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As happy as the family chose Duc but still each in his place, the reason lies in the way education creates a ‘treasure’ at the top of Ham Rong

As a well-known businessman, information on Doan Nguyen Duc’s wife and children is always kept secret. When he was excited, he said, no one could find photos of his wife and children.

Even her daughter when she went to school in Singapore, no one knew that it was her daughter Mr Duc – at that time he was the richest man in Vietnam, the first person to own a private jet in Vietnam.

As happy as the family chose Duc but still each in one place, the reason lies in the way education makes treasure at the top of Ham Rong - Photo 1.

For the first time, Mrs. Hoang Thi Ngoc Bich appears in a photo in 2021

During a trip to Myanmar to start the HAGL project, Mr Duc broke the rules for sharing about his family, as he had never told stories about his wife and children in the media before.

His wife and children have always been the pride of the chosen Duc. But he doesn’t have much time to live with his family. “I have a job to cover my head, go all the way, maybe I can live three days with my family in Singapore a month. Fortunately, I have a wife who takes care of all the family matters and takes care of the children. I have to say that until now, about my wife and children, I am very happy, very happy,” said Duc.

The three selected Duc children are Doan Hoang Anh, Doan Hoang Nam and Doan Hoang Nam Anh, respectively, who are studying and working in Singapore. In it, the first daughter of this billionaire works in a foreign bank. Two other children also went there to study at the age of 5 and 2. Even his wife was in Singapore.

The reason the family members chose Duc to live in Singapore was because of the educational method he wanted to create for his children. He once explained that he wanted his children to study abroad because he not only wanted to have a good educational environment, but also to let them be independent and avoid giant languages. Hoang Thi Ngoc Bich’s mother also lives in Singapore to care for and educate her children.

Mr Duc once shared: “My daughter said: ‘Many of my friends say they don’t have to go to university to be rich, like Bill Gates, like Mr Duc’. But they don’t know that opportunities are still available for the majority of serious studies,” select Duc share.

In an interview at VTC, Mr. Duc is experienced: “But with my own family, think about it, having the reputation of a rich person will certainly face many temptations and temptations. Don’t subjectively think that your child will overcome the trap. He went to school, was born, That’s why I decided to let my grandson go abroad to live from a young age. There, like everyone else, no one knew that he was a rich man. And I chose Singapore, because it’s an Asian country, has a good environment, disciplined, close to Vietnam, and it’s easy for my wife to go to temples and be vegetarian.” de-tao-nen-nhung-bau-vat-o-dinh-ham-rong-20220312083714609.chn

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