Average income 360 ​​million/year, people work as shippers, factory owners cry because of lack of workers

At the recent annual meeting of China’s legislature, a series of factory owners petitioned the food delivery industry to overuse their workers – and called on the government to help them hire these workers.

Zhang Xinghai, a member of the National People’s Congress and chairman of the Xiaokang Automobile Group in Chongqing, has proposed that the government subsidize factory wages to help the industry compete with major technology platforms.

Earlier in February, the country’s Ministry of Labor and Social Security announced a list of the 100 jobs with the most underemployment. Forty-three of the jobs listed belong to manufactures.

Zhang attributed this to low wages in the manufacturing industry, adding that an average of 1.5 million workers left the manufacturing industry every year in the past five years.

Average income 360 ​​million/year, people work as shippers, factory owners cry because of lack of workers - Photo 1.

Shipping workers have become a major industry in the modern economy.

Zhang’s proposal has attracted great attention on Chinese social media, becoming one of the most trending topics on social platform Weibo on March 9. Most netizens say technology drivers enjoy more freedom than factory workers.

“Who will work in the factory except those who are over 40? The hours are long – one or two days off per month – the pay is low, and the food is boring. Most factory work is also not good for your health.”wrote one Weibo user. “And in terms of delivering food, I can take at least one day off if I don’t want to work.”

The wages of food delivery drivers have increased tremendously in recent years. Some drivers even receive a salary that exceeds the income of office workers who they usually deliver meals. And that’s why factory owners say they can’t compete.

According to a report released by the Guangzhou Trade Union on March 2, the city’s delivery driver’s annual income is more than 100,000 yuan (about 360 million dong), an increase of 17% over the previous year. year. More than 10% of them earn more than 10,000 yuan (about over 36 million dong) a month, the report shows.

In contrast, excluding accommodation, the typical monthly salary of factory workers in Guangzhou last year was only about 6,000 yuan (about 21 million dong), including social benefits.

“There is no room to raise wages for workers,” said Zhao Yunhai, owner of a garment factory in Guangzhou, “While product prices have not increased much, rents have increased.”

Zhang suggested that the government provide factories with employment benefits for new employees, and certain income subsidies and insurance subsidies for temporary employees hired to work on individual orders. He also proposed specific policies to support wages in “Strategic new industries in China.”

Average income 360 ​​million/year, people work as shippers, factory owners cry because of lack of workers - Photo 2.

Factories in China are severely understaffed, as few people want to work.

Jenny Chan, assistant professor of sociology at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, said the sharing economy platform (GIG) offers workers high salaries and quick cash.

“The driver is not officially employed by law. They are not entitled to social insurance and housing funds.”Chan said.

That means drivers’ real wages are even higher, at least in the short term. Garment factory owner Zhang believes that food delivery is a low-skill job, and that those who make quick money are mostly “home-cooked,” meaning they’re not ready for the future.

But, making money fast is also an advantage. Food delivery drivers for China’s leading platforms such as Meituan and can earn from the app at any time, and they will see the money in their bank account within 48 hours. And factories pay workers once a month.

Average income 360 ​​million/year, people work as shippers, factory owners cry because of lack of workers - Photo 3.

Shippers in major Chinese cities earn more than office workers.

But the sender also has a weakness.

“Wages (product wages) for food delivery are very low,” Mr Chan said. “However, drivers can work long hours to increase their income.”

A report released by the Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions also shows that more than 90% of drivers work more than 10 hours a day. In addition, the shady issues in platform hiring practices in the food delivery industry led Mr. Chan is worried.

“When compared to previous manufacturing or construction jobs, some delivery workers earn more, but they’re not even considered employees.” Chan said. “Delivery workers do not have to have a written employment contract. If there is a dispute, it is difficult for them to protect their rights and interests.”

But for factories to compete in working conditions, bosses need to tackle their own problems, Chan added.

“If migrant workers are guaranteed higher wages and more protection in factories, it makes sense to push them back.” she says. “Otherwise, with the freedom to log in or out of the app, they can still choose to be delivery drivers.”

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