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Caring for children F0, every mother does these two things, thinking that being kind can harm the child

March 11 2022 11:05 am (GMT+7)

Take antibiotics for quick cough relief: Too wrong

Children with COVID-19 are always a special concern for parents, especially in caring for them when they are sick. Although the health sector has guidelines for caring for children with COVID-19, such as: When to take medicine, when to be taken to the hospital, how to maintain nutrition … but because you are too worried, I hope you have an early recovery, many parents have made their children fall into more serious conditions.

Ms. Minh Vu (in Dong Da, Hanoi) has 2 children with COVID-19, the older is 12 years old, the younger is 6 years old. When positive for 2 days, both children had cough and fever, especially at night. Seeing this, Ms Vu was worried that her son had a sore throat, so she quickly gave him antibiotics.

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Children who have a cough due to a viral infection are not given antibiotics at all. Illustration.

“I was very careful, gave my children the right dose/weight, but the cough didn’t go away, even 2 days later they were still suffering from anorexia, people were tired, couldn’t sit down and study online. When I called to ask, the online consultant asked me to stop giving antibiotics immediately and take my child to the nearest hospital for examination. Luckily after that my son didn’t get sick, the prolonged cough was only a symptom of COVID-19 and not a bacterial infection,” said Ms Vu.

In fact, many families, when they see their child coughing, immediately think about the condition of their child who has a sore throat, but the infection must take antibiotics to get well soon. However, doctors say this is not true.

Doctor Nguyen Huy Hoang – A member of the military doctor group consulting F0 at home, said that antibiotics in particular and drugs in general when given to children must have indications and instructions from the doctor, not at all dependent on the doctor’s instructions. use.

According to Dr. Hoang, when a child coughs, it is necessary to distinguish between a dry cough or a cough with phlegm. For children with COVID-19, the most common symptom is a dry cough, which is caused by a viral infection, causing respiratory tract irritation. Therefore, medicine to reduce and relieve cough can be used and it is better to use syrups or lozenges made from plants. When using, read the instructions carefully before use or consult a doctor.

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Some cough medicines with herbal ingredients can be used by children to relieve coughs during or after COVID-19.

“If a sore throat or sore throat is caused by a virus, don’t take antibiotics. Antibiotics only work when the patient has a bacterial superinfection (tonsillitis, bronchiolitis, sinusitis…). Due to the virus, the use of antibiotics has no effect. in viruses in general and SARS-CoV-2 in particular, antibiotic resistance,” warns Dr. Hoang.

Give your child lots of vitamins and supplements to get healthy fast

In addition to giving antibiotics, many families spend a lot of money buying vitamins and supplements for their children to take every day with the aim of strengthening their immune system and fighting COVID-19.

During the online F0 consultation and treatment process, doctor Do Tuan Anh (Hospital 108) encountered many questions such as: Should I take lots of vitamins and supplements to help children recover quickly? There are even cases where patients also take 2-3 types of vitamin C, along with supplements. Worth mentioning, many users follow recipes shared online, or the experiences of people who have recovered from COVID-19.

According to Dr. Mr. Anh, vitamin and mineral supplements should be taken with extreme caution, as they also have many side effects like other drugs.

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Indiscriminate use of vitamins and supplements is very dangerous for children’s health.

In addition, vitamins and other supplements are not effective in treating COVID-19. Vitamins only function to support and strengthen the body’s resistance to increase endurance (for those who have not), for those who have been infected, will increase the ability to recover after recovering. If added incorrectly, drinking will lead to many health consequences.

For example, if an overdose of vitamin C supplements, it will cause symptoms of digestive irritation such as stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea. Long-term high-dose supplementation can lead to other consequences such as iron overload, kidney stones…

Alternatively, inappropriate vitamin A supplementation can cause poisoning, increase intracranial pressure, cause vomiting, headaches, affect bone development, can cause growth retardation in children, neurological disorders, etc.

Excess vitamin B6 can cause polyneuritis, memory loss, decreased prolactin secretion. Excess vitamin D can cause anorexia, fatigue, vomiting, periosteal thickening, in some cases, retardation, mental retardation. Too much vitamin D can cause kidney failure and death.

Doctor Tuan Anh recommended that children infected with COVID-19 prepare fever-reducing medicine, cough medicine, runny and stuffy nose medicine, a thermometer, and an SpO2 meter. It is not at all arbitrary to use antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, anti-virus… Even the addition of vitamins and minerals also requires a doctor’s opinion.

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