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Close-up of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s $4.3 million “future house”

The couple’s “wedding of the century” Hyun BinSon Ye Jin will take place on 30/3. Fans of the “BinJin” couple are wondering if the couple will move into Hyun Bin’s $4.3 million luxury penthouse apartment that the actor bought in 2020. The 241.5-acre home located at Walkerhill Podoville residence in Achiul Village, near the capital of seoul Korea.

Luxuriously designed with an elegant combination of marble and concrete, this modern penthouse is decorated with luxurious furnishings and furnishings. The house has many modern features, including a fully equipped kitchen with various appliances.

Floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights allow natural sunlight to flood the apartment, while creating a beautiful view of the Seoul skyline. In addition to the en suite bathroom, the master bedroom is also equipped with a spacious walk-in closet. Hyun Bin’s penthouse is also designed with a private rooftop garden, perfect for receiving guests.

This apartment complex is also located in a safe residential area and offers a very high level of privacy. This explains why some stars choose to stay there. Hyun Bin’s neighbors are Park Jin-young, veteran singer and CEO of JYP Entertainment, actress Oh Yeon Seo, Han So Hee,…

While the actor’s agency, Vast Entertainment, previously denied that Hyun Bin bought the house, many fans still believe that it is the couple’s new home, especially after the engagement announcement.

If Son Ye Jin did move to live in a penthouse, the couple would have followed the same happy marriage path as most Korean stars: buying a house before marriage. Other notable stars who have set a similar precedent include actor So Ji Sub as well as the powerful couple Rain and Kim Tae Hee.

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