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“Completing” a new stop after leaving Vietnam, Coach Park received bad treatment?

As we posted this morning on March 12, Coach Park expressed his desire to dedicate himself to Germany’s future elections, after no longer leading the Vietnam national team.

Coach Park Hang-seo told the press: “I came to Vietnam to work because I chose Duc. During my time working in Vietnam, I received a lot of support from him. I thank him. If I accept the invitation from Mr. Duc, I am ready for HAGL in the near future. future”.

Of course, this would not happen now. Because Coach Park Hang-seo is still successful with the Vietnam team. However, according to the information we have obtained from many parties, we can be sure that Coach Park’s words above are not “for fun”.

According to the information we previously had, Coach Park Hang-seo was studying to open a soccer academy named after him. He is still with his deputy, and more specifically, chose Duc to fulfill the above aspirations.

Representative Coach Park – Lee Dong-jun once shared with us that the academy will train young players according to the philosophy of the Korean leader and international standards. Of course, in order to open a Football Academy, many factors need to be converged, but with his experience and reputation, Mr Park is ready to undertake the project he has been coveting for a long time.

Closing a new stop after leaving Vietnam, Coach Park received bad treatment?  - Photo 1.

Mr. Park and his representative Lee Dong-jun

Moreover, the confirmation from HAGL Club said that, The chosen Duc once had a direct conversation with Coach Park Hang-seo about the story after he left the Vietnam team. And even, Mr. Duc is willing to pay a very high salary (not inferior to the salary in Vietnam Tel) to bring Coach Park back to Pleiku to conduct youth training.

Of course, the above story will only happen when Mr. Park “lost love” with Vietnam Tel.

Coach Park Hang-seo receives an after-tax salary of around $50,000/month from the VFF. It is estimated that every year, Korean strategists will receive around 600,000 USD (over 13 billion VND). So according to Bau Duc’s promise, Mr. Park also gets the same income as at VFF when he returns to work at HAGL.

“But that’s the story of the future between the elected Germany and Coach Park, we can’t say anything ahead of time.”representatives from HAGL Club shared with us.

During the meeting with the German election before the HAGL match against Viettel in the 4th round of the 2022 V-League, coach Park Hang-seo presented the medal bearing his name for the German election. It is a souvenir associated with the success of Korean strategists in Vietnam.

Coach Park Hang-seo is always grateful to have chosen Duc, because it was an important career decision for the Korean coach when he was invited to lead the Vietnamese team. Even for a long time, Duc was elected who paid the salary of the captain of the Vietnam team.

Regarding the focus list for Vietnam, evaluating the performance of two students Cong Phuong and Van Toan, Coach Park said: “Cong Phuong and Van Toan are good players, so I keep calling them.”.

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