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COVID-19 has reached the end of the tunnel

Assoc.  Prof.  Dr.  Nguyen Lan Hieu: COVID-19 has reached the end of the tunnel - Photo 1.

Binh Duong deployed hundreds of fixed and mobile vaccination points to work day and night, determined to cover vaccines for people this March.

According to Assoc Prof TS.BS Nguyen Lan Hieu, Director of Hanoi Medical University Hospital and Director of Binh Duong Province General Hospital, the current assessment of the F0 death toll is unclear. Hieu said many of the deaths were not entirely caused by COVID-19. He gave an example, cases of death befall the elderly, people with serious medical conditions, even stroke sufferers. In this case, when they die, the health sector has to do a test and get a positive result for the disease. -2. From there, they recorded the case of F0 who died but in fact it was not caused by COVID-19 which resulted in death.

Assessing the current epidemic situation, Mr Hieu acknowledged that the new Omicron variant is not as severe as the previous Delta. People who are vaccinated with sufficient doses of the COVID-19 vaccine can still get COVID-19 but the virus content is lighter. Therefore, most of the F0 showed no symptoms or mild symptoms.

Assoc.  Prof.  Dr.  Nguyen Lan Hieu: COVID-19 has reached the end of the tunnel - Photo 2.

Assoc.Prof.TS.BS Nguyen Lan Hieu believes that it is necessary to properly assess the epidemic situation in order to make accurate and practical decisions.

Realizing that the COVID-19 epidemic has reached the end of the tunnel, Assoc. Thus, people with COVID-19 who are able to see a specialist are entitled to a health insurance policy or on-demand services. According to Mr. Hieu, considering COVID-19 as a common disease, the functional and medical sectors will focus on human and material resources capable of providing intensive and effective patient care.

Binh Duong temporarily suspends announcement of COVID-19 cases

On March 12, representatives from the Binh Duong Health Department informed that from now on, the local government will temporarily halt the number of COVID-19 cases, in accordance with the current epidemic situation. According to statistics from the Binh Duong health sector, over recent times, the number of COVID-19 cases has increased, but most of the F0 have no symptoms or mild symptoms. In particular, for several consecutive weeks, Binh Duong did not record any deaths.

In order to minimize the severity of F0 cases and deaths, the Binh Duong health sector assesses the situation of each case to decide on the appropriate treatment plan. The team of specialists continues to assess the situation to adjust the F0 treatment process. In addition, the health sector has prepared a 24-hour standby force to immediately deal with developing F0 cases.

The head of the Binh Duong Province Center for Disease Control, the unit sent an official letter to the Ministry of Health to propose an allocation of 500,000 doses of vaccines, including: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca to inject people with the 3rd dose. Binh Duong determined at the end of this March, to include 3 doses of vaccine for the community to continue to spread vaccinations for children from 5 to 11 years.

It is known, Binh Duong has so far injected more than 6 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. In order to make the vaccine available to people quickly as planned, Binh Duong has set up hundreds of fixed and mobile injection points to work day and night, including Saturday and Sunday.

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