Devil fruit abilities are strong but underestimated because the owner is too “alum”

Demon power is a special ability that makes the world of One Piece colorful and very special compared to other series. In addition to the power of Logia, the legendary or ancient Zoan can quickly give its owner extraordinary powers from the start. There were still powerful things with great potential, but they had unfortunately fallen into the hands of ignorant owners, causing their strength to be wasted.

And here are some terrible powers that were picked by the wrong owners.

Baku Baku no Mi by Wapol

Wapol’s Baku Baku ability allows him to eat anything in the world, including humans. Within 24 hours of consumption, Wapol is able to transform his body, combining everything he eats to create strange items. Wapol himself is a relatively stupid king, so the power of this Devil Fruit has not been fully displayed.

One Piece: Devil Fruit powers are strong but underestimated because their owner is too alum - Photo 1.

However, after being taken away from Drum by Luffy, in the process of wandering to make a living, Wapol through his factory powers accidentally creates a unique type of steel dubbed Wapometal which has the ability to heal itself. . Franky used this steel to make General Franky.

If this power fell into the hands of scientists like Franky or Vegapunk, they could easily combine their ideas to create the superpower of matter. Even stronger than Adam’s wood which was used to make ancient weapons with immense destructive power.

Noro Noro no Mi by Foxy

The main power of the Noro fruit is that it gives the user the ability to create and emit a Noroma Photon beam capable of slowing anything down for thirty seconds. During that time, the user can do anything to the object being slowed down. When a person is hit by this beam and takes any attack while in a slow state, the kinetic energy of the attack is released. Also when they return to normal speed, causing attacks to do more damage.

One Piece: Devil Fruit abilities are strong but underestimated because the owner is too alum - Photo 2.

This is an ability that is nearly impossible to break, and can be seen as the opposite of melee abilities like Luffy’s. Foxy is lucky, because if this ability is possessed by an individual with extraordinary physical strength and speed, such as Sanji, then with that 30 second slow, Sanji can be considered a useless enemy and can bring down any opponent. Of course even Kaido wouldn’t be able to withstand Sanji’s 30 seconds of continuous attacks.

Sabi Sabi no Mi from Shu

Sabi Sabi is an ability that is capable of weathering, rusting objects, even humans. Owned by a masked navy captain named Shu. During the battle on Justice Island, Shu easily neutralized Zoro’s abilities and damaged Meito Yubashiri as soon as he touched him. It can be said that this ability is the essence of every warrior who wields a weapon.

It’s unclear if this ability works on non-metallic objects, but Sabi Sabi still exhibits potentially dangerous powers within it. Fortunately, Shu’s melee skills were also relatively poor, so he was quickly defeated by Usopp shortly afterward.

One Piece: His devil fruit abilities are strong, but they are underestimated because the owner is too alum - Photo 3.

Suke Suke no Mi Absalom, currently owned by Shiryu

The Suke Fruit gives its owner and everything it touches the ability to become invisible. His stealth potential is unquestionable when we observe how Sanji uses this ability to fight while using the Germa suit.

When possessed by Absalom, Suke’s ability reveals many weaknesses, such as leaving sound, revealing location when wet, revealing when hit. However, this ability has now been stolen by Shiryu, a very powerful swordsman. The power of the Suke Suke fruit will be fully utilized and turn Shiryu into a very dangerous invisible assassin.

One Piece: Devil Fruit powers are strong but underestimated because their owner is too alum - Photo 4.

In addition to the above abilities, we also have Bari Bari, Bara Bara is an interesting ability that has not been fully exploited. However, the owner is familiar, so I don’t need to repeat it.

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