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“Doctor Tien’s apocalypse has arrived”

End of episode 4 Next Master, the show has a brief trailer that introduces some of the challenges in the upcoming 5th episode. Thus, the top 12 of Mr Hoan My will meet very special guests to show off their communication skills and skilled behavior. In this trailer, netizens are very excited to see the appearance of this rich couple Prayers in Bang – Nguyen Quoc Vu.

Doan Di Bang and his wife will air in episode 5 of The Next Gentleman

When I see Doan Di Bang in Next Masternetizens immediately shouted Doctor Tien and teasing that “doomsday” has arrived. After episode 4 just aired, Pharmacist Tien caused controversy when he got rid of the handsome team of Huong Giang to keep student Ha Anh. The relationship between Doctor Tien and Miss has also become increasingly tense since then.

Doan Di Bang and her husband will appear on Huong Giang's show, netizens are excited: The end of Doctor Tien has arrived - Photo 2.

remember nDistrict 7 giants when participating transgender beauty show Vietnamese Tiffany from the Queen Huong Giang has There was a statement that made Doctor Tien angry and stopped filming.

In particular, in a broadcast episode, when the jury chose the winning team, a tense controversy between Di Bang and Apothecary Tien broke out. While Di Bang likes Team Hong (Adrian Anh Tuan – Phi Phuong Anh) then Tien Pharmacist likes the Green team (Kha Trang – Mai Huy) Because of this investment, the story from a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly is full of meaning.

Doan Di Bang and her husband will appear on the Huong Giang event, netizens are excited: Doctor Tien's Day is over - Photo 3.

Di Bang voiced his opinion, he said that when he saw the two teams come out, he knew that Tien Pharmacist would like the Blue team because of the “mixed” style of the male judges. Before the point of view of his friend sitting in the “hot seat”, Pharmacist Tien said that the contestants of the Green team have stories and emotions, the development of such a beautiful and precise costume is very appropriate and necessary. Di Bang kept thinking that the confusion of the contestants in the photo series was necessary, but he objected to the fact that Tien Pharmacist always liked to “mess up” and defend his interests. He also remembers that Apothecary Tien once rode a horse to the last red carpet Vietnam Super Model 2018that’s the confusion that he doesn’t like and emphasizes that he doesn’t want this to happen again in Vietnamese Tiffany.

Doan Di Bang and her husband will appear on Huong Giang's show, netizens are excited: Doctor Tien's end has come - Photo 4.

Tien pharmacist once rode a horse on the red carpet of the 2018 Vietnam Super Model Final

Tien pharmacists were “hot-faced” and thought that if the program did not encourage candidates to be confident and express their personality within the framework of good laws and traditions, then the program should be abandoned. Then, too angry to be agitated, Pharmacist Tien got up and left the set in surprise with Huong Giang. Before the second jury debate, Huong Giang “defended” and did not interfere.

Intense controversy causes Pharmacist Tien to stop filming

Doan Di Bang and her husband will appear on Huong Giang's show, netizens are excited: The end of Doctor Tien has arrived - Photo 6.

Huong Giang “avoids” clash of two judges

Then, Tien Pharmacist said: “I don’t agree with the Di Bang attack. I feel offended that I did nothing wrong, this is not worthy of a jury position. I was invited by the program, but did not enter here voluntarily.”. Judge Di Bang continued to defend his point of view and said that maybe he wasn’t right to bring up bad things, but it was like a warning as he didn’t want that image to repeat itself at this time. Vietnamese Tiffany.

Audience Next Master looking forward to Di Bang’s appearance to watch the titans and emcee fight!

Photo: Internet, The Next Gentleman da-toi-20220312022842353.chn

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