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Her height is only 1m60, Taeyeon still hacks her body very cleverly

Reaching the age of 33 years, Taeyeon still often surprises people with her ageless beauty, not inferior to her twenties. This veteran female idol also often uses “smoke news”, so that her appearance is even more “according to aging”. However, youth is not the only advantage in Taeyeon’s style. The main vocalist of SNSD also has the ability to hack poses very cleverly. In fact, Taeyeon’s height is only 1m60, a rather modest figure. However, Taeyeon’s clothes always give the impression that she is much taller than her real height. And whether you have short stature or not, please check out these 4 super tips to hack Taeyeon’s height!

Wear loose clothes

One of Taeyeon’s best features is her surreal small waist. And out of respect for this body advantage, Taeyeon often chooses to wear a low cut top.

This item also carries another use, namely to help “fool” the length of the legs, creating the effect of a taller physique without being entangled. Wearing a loose shirt, Taeyeon often combines it with straight jeans, wide legs, or baggy pants. This is a less picky, but always effective way of combining things to enhance a stylish and playful look.

Dress neatly with pants

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Taeyeon still wears baggy pants, but she prefers to choose neat pants. Pants such as straight-leg jeans, skinny jeans or wide legs help create a neat and elegant leg look and overall, the figure will be very tall. Adding neat pants to the wardrobe, women will easily complete the wardrobe, without worrying about getting messy and swallowing. Lastly, don’t forget to dress up when wearing this style of pants, your height will be cut more thoroughly.

Wearing shorts

The shorts are his treasure hack shape from siblings. Taeyeon also can’t ignore this fashion item when perfecting her style. Shorts reveal most of the leg area, and a short girl will look at least 5 centimeters taller when wearing this item, even if she’s only wearing flat shoes. Taeyeon even showed sophistication in the hack pose. He often combines shorts with a tank top, creating clothes that are liberal, super stylish and provide the most optimal height-enhancing effect.

Souvenir short skirt

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Short beauties often wear short skirts for a reason. Like shorts, short skirts/skirts also create an airy look, so the figure will be much taller. Short skirts are also considered sweet and youthful, so there are even more reasons for women to add this item to their wardrobe. Lastly, to look stylish without dead corners, ladies, let’s learn from Taeyeon, combine a mini skirt with stylish shoes like Mary Jane or boots!

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