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Here are some of Kim Se Jeong’s fashion outfits

Romantic drama based on webtoon Office date (A Business Proposal) has dominated the Hallyu (Korean wave) world, receiving positive responses from the public. In addition to the entertainment and romance factors, the appearance and clothes of the cast are also very striking.

1. Fancy earrings, necklaces

In Shin Ha Ri’s hidden date (Kim Se Jeong) and Kang Tae Mu (Ahn Hyo Seop), Ha Ri’s glamorous look was accentuated by the luxurious BVLGARI hoops necklace and earrings. This glamorous jewelery set is perfect for any occasion, from a birthday party to a dinner party. It’s smooth and perfectly synced.


It’s smooth and perfectly synced.


Ha Ri is wearing a BVLGARI circle necklace and earrings.

2. Beautiful Mermaid Dress

While driving from husband-to-be Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah), Ha Ri wears a beautiful and elegant dress and beautiful jewelry. During her date with her corporate successor Tae Mu, Ha Ri wore a pink and white tweed mermaid dress from Korean brand Avouavou. This outfit is perfect for breakfast dates, tea parties and days out due to its elegant and classic look.


Ha Ri is wearing a tweed mermaid dress.

3. Chic plaid mini dress

Tae Mu confronts Ha Ri after finding out that she was only pretending to be his future wife. Despite the stress, she looked great in this very elegant Virginia plaid mini dress by Vivienne Eastwood.


Ha Ri wore a very chic Virginia plaid mini dress.

Ha Ri’s outfit was also paired with BRIANA thigh-high boots which added style to her outfit. Moschino’s black purse completes the look!

4. Perfect office fit

Ha Ri works as a researcher at Tae Mu’s company. Even though she spends hundreds of dollars on dates with her boss, she still looks fun and relaxed at the office. On a normal weekday, Ha Ri wears a LANVIN cropped jacket, paired with khakis. She also wore a small Burberry sling bag that looked formal.


She also wears a small Burberry sling bag.

Thanks to his outstanding performance as Ha Ri on Office Dating, Kim Se Jeong has attracted the attention of international fans. He surprised viewers who had never seen his acting in a drama because of his cleverness. In the drama, Kim Se Jeong showed his transformational ability while living a double life.


Kim Se Jeong surprised the audience.

The actress’ appearance in Office Dating attracted attention, was praised by netizens and compared to Hollywood actress Emma Stone, the main star of the Oscar-winning film La La Land.


Kim Se Jeong has caught the attention of international fans.


Se Jeong compared her to Hollywood actress Emma Stone. long-lay-20220312132635708.chn

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