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How to have money like Minh?

Entrepreneur Pham Tran Nhat Minh was born in 1983, is the son of entrepreneur Pham Van Muoi – Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of Long Thanh Plastic Co., Ltd. It is a well-known company in Vietnam’s plastics industry with a number of excellent products such as plastic pallets, plastic waves, plastic safes and electronic parts and components… The name of this giant “plastic” is also attached. family owned Long Thanh Plastic property.

Attached to the image of a successful entrepreneur, this gigantic fortune is something no one can deny. Despite his rich background, Minh Plastics believes he is not “on the finish line” when he had to work hard for years and move up from various positions before taking up his current Deputy Director General position.

Recently, he shared a photo of his 3rd anniversary on his personal page, along with a striking photo explaining the reason for his fortune. In his post, he wrote: “Many of you often ask how to make money like M. Here it is, everyone.”

Released a rare photo from 3 years ago, entrepreneur Long Thanh Plastic honestly answered the question: How to have money like Minh?  - Photo 1.

Minh Plastic’s post immediately caused a stir on the internet and made people very excited. This “rare” old photo is also reminiscent of the giant’s earlier sharing of his first job after graduation. He once shared:

After graduation, Minh asks his father to work for the company. The first day he enters the company, Minh puts on his favorite suit and patiently waits for a new position. However, this suit doesn’t. Not suitable for first job: A porter.

With such a “simple” personality, this job is not easy for Minh, but the more Minh does it, the more he sees that no position is “less important.” Without humans pushing, loading and scientifically arranging goods, thousands of tons of goods would not be able to be picked up and transported quickly.

Then, from that position, Minh gradually moved up to try other positions but still never forget the surprise first experience and contributed to improving understanding with the staff when standing in this position. everyone’s mind.”

Minh Plastics majored in Foreign Trade from Hung Vuong University. After graduating from school, the first job he did in the company was to become a porter with an initial salary of 3 million VND/month. Then, he gradually worked in all departments in the company before becoming a manager. However, this unforgettable experience also contributed to forging the successful and rich Minh Plastics today.

Noisy personal life and luxurious lifestyle sometimes make people forget Minh Plastic’s footsteps in business. But in fact, he has made a significant contribution to the development of the “family empire”. Currently, he serves as Deputy General Director of Long Thanh Plastics Co., Ltd. and always try his best to build a stronger family environment.

Released a rare photo from 3 years ago, entrepreneur Long Thanh Plastic honestly answered the question: How to have money like Minh?  - Photo 2. co-tien-nhu-minh-20220311101720843.chn

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