How to tell a man and a woman wearing a mask!

1. A man is someone who gives you positive energy

There is a Chinese proverb that says, “Walking a hundred steps alone is not as good as a man’s help.”

A man is someone who can change your life.

Many people say that the success of Hoang Tranh, the former chairman of Pinduoduo, could not be separated from the guidance and assistance of Mr. Doan Vinh Binh – the founder of BBK.

In Doan Vinh Binh’s eyes, Hoang Tranh’s junior was a bright, curious, and talented child, so he was highly valued by many.

In 2004, after graduating with a master’s degree, Hoang Tranh faced a difficult problem in choosing a career, on the one hand is the old giant in the Microsoft industry, on the other hand appeared “dark horse” Google.

After being suggested by Doan Vinh Binh, Hoang Tranh chose Google and later became a shareholder of this company.

And of course, after three years at Google, Hoang Tranh already has great wealth and deep relationships. With supplies in hand, he was financially free.

In 2006, Doan Vinh Binh managed to arrange a lunch meeting with Warren E. Buffett – the big investor of the century and Hoang Tranh was invited to accompany him. This food changed his life.

After Hoang Tranh returned to the country, he set up a Google office in China. And a year later, with the support of Doan Vinh Binh, he chose to start a business and in turn founded a well-known e-commerce company.

Hoang Tranh’s current success could not have been achieved without Doan Vinh Binh’s shadow. Doan Vinh Binh is a person who is quietly supportive and ready to help.

Because of his sympathy for talented people, Doan Vinh Binh became Hoang Tranh’s benefactor in the future, helping him overcome his confusion and lead him to the pinnacle of human life.

The so-called noble person is not someone who has a higher status or more wealth than you, but someone who points the way, points the best way forward and is always ready to help when you need it.

They are the ones who can remind you of your shortcomings and appreciate your strengths, and always encourage you with positive energy, helping you to be more open to planning for your future.

There is a saying: “Whether or not you can succeed depends partly on yourself, and partly on whether you meet a gentleman or not”.

Being helped by a noble person is a great blessing for a human being. It can be said that since you met that man, your destiny has changed.

A successful life path depends heavily on the help of GENERAL: How to tell the difference between a noblewoman and a masked woman!  - Photo 1.

2. Minority is a hindrance in your life

Tam Quan is different for everyone, some people rely on their own strength, some people rely on tricks, but in life with noble people, there will be little people.

Criminals have no morals, know no boundaries, and never follow the rules of the game.

A netizen named Bich Van shared that:

He was in charge of propaganda for the entire department, every day was busy from morning to night.

The other female colleagues are much more relaxed, always very happy, enthusiastic, and approachable.

Once, this fellow had a disagreement with the school team and then went to complain to Bich Van that the leader always had a higher view of his head, but he didn’t see any abilities.

Van comforted him and then said: “Who said that person is a superior, so whatever the superior says, we must obey.”

Other colleagues also tried to convince Van not to work too hard, because the assessment of the company’s rewards and punishments was only a form of forcing employees to work overtime.

Van said that it was a job to try hard.

Unexpectedly, a few days later, the leadership only mentioned and criticized Van’s work attitude during the meeting, saying that he had his own opinion with the leadership and often complained.

After listening, Van felt like he had been scalded with cold water, he worked hard every day, but didn’t expect his boss to comment like this about him.

It wasn’t until his partner complained to him that he was promoted and promoted, but he was considered dropped, then he understood, then he was plotted.

In this unpredictable society, hypocritical criminals are scarier than real enemies.

They like to go crazy, use slander to get their target audience into trouble, thereby promoting their superiority.

Or through other people’s mouths, saying things they dare not say, then spreading it by adding salt and pepper.

People who are targeted are often powerless, so they can easily become stepping stones for perpetrators.

Don’t underestimate human nature, don’t overestimate the human heart.

You treat them wholeheartedly today, they will still be ready to stab you with a knife the next day.

Dealing with small people, it is better to be strong than to be a good person.

Don’t provoke, don’t get close, don’t give them a chance to hurt themselves.

A successful life path depends heavily on the help of GENERAL: How to tell the difference between a noblewoman and a masked woman!  - Photo 2.

3. gentlemen sincerely involved, Little people care about profit.

Confucius’ “The Analects” had a saying: “Men understand the meaning, little men know the profit.”

Noble people are kind to you because they are respectful and respectful; Little people are kind to you because you can benefit them.

This is the basic difference between a noble person and a petty person.

In the hit TV series “Stars in the sky and wide sea”, the female lead Gian Ai makes contact with her two colleagues at the company, Ai Mi and Luong Bang.

The two of them, one giving coals to warm winter days without returning, the other leading a double life focused solely on benefits.

Because he did not have a diploma, at first Jian Ai only worked odd jobs.

Ai Mi is strict and principled, but is willing to teach Jian Ai all manners.

When the company wants to recruit salespeople, Ai Mi immediately reports the good news to Jian Ai so she can try to improve herself to apply.

As for Luong Bang, he appeared gentle and kind on the surface, but in reality, he was only taking advantage of Jian Ai. Usually, he always pushes work to him, when he is appreciated, he accepts all his own achievements.

Gian Ai’s achievements were clearly in the top 3 in recruitment, but because Luong Bang hid the news, he didn’t accept it.

Later, when Jian Ai was promoted, Liang Bing got angry and maliciously tampered with the fax documents that Jian Ai had received, causing trouble at her job.

I read the saying: “A man is the one who shares your happiness with you; the little man is the one who takes your happiness away”.

Gentlemen treat others honestly and sincerely, they may not look beautiful, but in work and life they are the most practical and trustworthy.

Even if your status is low, they will help unconditionally just in the hope that you will get better and better.

Little people are cheaters, can’t bear to see other people living well, usually “the mouth of a keris man”.

In the vast sea of ​​people, noble people are hard to find, bad people are hard to avoid.

If you meet a noble, you should be treated with sincerity and respect, and if you meet a minor, you should be careful and definitely stay away.

4. Stay close to noble people, stay away from petty people

How you interact with others will determine the path you take in the future.

Picking the right people, going the right way, and doing the right things is far more effective than just burying your head in hard work.

Close to noble people, will receive positive energy, like fish in water;

Stay away from petty people, avoid bumps, for a smooth journey.

Hopefully we can all become individuals who know right and wrong, are grateful and know when to keep and when to let go. face-deo-mat-na-20220311090644492.chn

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