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Husband asks for help because his wife asks for “sex” no less than 10 times/day-Youth

Saturday, 12 March 2022 14:47 (GMT+7)

He felt his wife was “abusive” mentally because he couldn’t meet her physically.

According to The Coverage, a male factory worker in Malaysia had to ask for help because his wife had been harassing him for years. This 32-year-old man was physically and mentally abused by his wife because he could not satisfy her physically.

The man, who did not want to be named, said there were days his wife demanded 10 times. If he refused, his wife would force him to kneel and beat him with a stick. The man didn’t dare to tell anyone because he was embarrassed.

Husband cries for help because his wife demands


However, recently, unable to stand it, the man turned to the founder of the Malaysian Law Enforcement Force, Mr. Kuan Chee Heng.

When he met his husband, Mr. Kuan saw many marks on his body, and bruises on his buttocks. After advising her husband, Mr Kuan also suggested that his 31-year-old wife seek medical help and counselling.

What to do when the wife is too happy with “sex”

Sex is an important element in every marriage because it unites husband and wife. However, excessive “love” will drain energy, drain energy and destroy the body. Even having too much “sex” can lead to infertility.

Sex has many health benefits, but like any other activity of life, it should be in moderation and should not be excessive to ensure harmony of overall health and well-being.

Sexual desire in women is assessed by the frequency of intercourse during the day, constant demands and satisfaction only at climax. Or there are people who have just “finished” and “want” to continue. However, according to experts, sexual overload will increase inflammatory substances that will lead to poisoning of nerve cells, affecting many systems, organs, tissues and the sperm axis of the testes – pituitary – adrenal glands. Inflammation and loss of elasticity of the nerves create a spiral that damages more organ systems.

Husband cries for help because his wife demands


Constant and frequently repeated “sex” arousal, whether male or female, will worsen nervous control and increase the load on the genital organs and lead to constant fatigue. , causes the opposite effect, a decrease in sexual function, making sexual function “older than the old”. “.

In addition, constant rubbing in private areas can adversely affect “women” and “men”, and increases the risk of gynecological diseases.

In cases where the man is still sexually active and the woman is too “full”, has excessive sexual demands that make her husband unable to respond, the doctor will use psychological intervention therapy to control the problem, control, reduce libido and after about 3 months, if not effective, the doctor will consider medical intervention.

Experts say that the level of desire in women depends on age, time and emotions. The most “full” age in women usually starts from the age of 18-30 years, then gradually decreases. But at the age of 40, their sex drive “awakens”. This is the period when the woman stops worrying about children, career and family, in addition, the spring recovery process begins, making the husband “sweat”.


The groom stated that he

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