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I used to be afraid to meet my wife on my wedding anniversary

Sunday, March 13, 2022 06:00 (GMT+7)

No birthday gifts, no congratulations, wedding anniversary used to be a “nightmare” for me.

Before getting married, I never thought a wedding anniversary could be so stressful. Finances are not much, I can only give my wife a simple and small gift instead of an expensive phone and travel like many others.

My obsession still continues when after every outing, class meeting or gathering with friends, my wife tells warm and happy stories from other people. One thanks her husband for a new phone, for expensive jewelry, the other shows off check-ins at famous tourist destinations. Everyone cleverly points out that they are living happy and fulfilling lives with talented men. I used to think about ignoring it, but gradually the stories became more and more so that I could no longer “fake deafness”.

My wife didn’t complain or ask for anything, but I knew she wanted the same thing. Adding my wife’s gentle and reserved personality made me even more frustrated, embarrassed and self-blame. If I had tried harder, maybe my wife and I would have had the comfortable and worry-free life we ​​are now.

“Not rich in trading”, counting back and forth, I decided to invest in securities. Thinking that if I didn’t try, I wouldn’t know the outcome, I hid my wife’s savings, and started my ambition to become rich. Although I have no real investing experience, I have become a huge fan of virtual stock games at 24HMoney. Investing in virtual stocks myself, reading more knowledge myself, I have entered the peak of extraordinary investors in this game.

Since late 2020, I’ve been looking for a virtual stock gaming experience. At first it was just a harmless game, but gradually I accumulated a lot of knowledge, learned a lot of new skills. This game trading session is designed with real operations from placing trade orders, transaction history to operating hours of each session. When signing up new, players are also given 500 million virtual money to get started instead of having to “capture the enemy with their bare hands”.

When I first started out, I didn’t follow any particular plan, but simply copied trades from high-performing players. Gradually, I noticed why they decided to buy, decided to sell from time to time. Outside of trading hours, I read more books on the 24HMoney app itself, including free translated economics and finance books.

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The portfolio of successful investors is one of the factors I refer to in the virtual stock game.

Most importantly, the 24HMoney stock game helps me exercise caution and patience before and after every decision. Even though it’s just a virtual exchange, this game gave me the confidence I needed before officially investing in real life.

Thanks to that, I got off to a good start even as a “new slide” on the exchange. I understood the problem, learned to adapt and “read” the market faster, which of course would not have been possible had I not joined the virtual stock game. I also use the 24HMoney application to read financial reports and follow business news that interest me. All form a strong shield, protecting me from the invisible uncertainties of the market.

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Profitable investment after mastering the stock game at 24HMoney

After 1 year of investment, my economy is stable, my family life is also happier and happier. No more empty promises, now I can give my wife the gifts and experiences she used to want. Now instead of traveling, my wife wants to learn to play the stock market to invest together. It’s only been 1 year, but my life has changed: my wife is happy, I’m happy, especially I no longer need to be afraid to see my wife on March 8.

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