If you don’t want your liver to be damaged like tofu, you should eat less

The liver is an important organ, mainly responsible for the metabolic and detoxification functions of the body. If you are healthy, you will feel energetic, otherwise you will feel tired and weak.

It is also the most “silent” organ in the human body because the liver has almost no pain nerves, so when there is disease in this area, the body will be more difficult to recognize than other organs. Therefore, when most cases of liver cancer are detected, the disease is already at an advanced stage, making it difficult to treat.

3 types of vegetables are

As the standard of living continues to increase, the culinary culture of the people is also gradually getting richer. Foods that are drunk every day can also be the cause of damage and destruction of your liver. Therefore, one should know which foods to avoid to protect the liver.

Here are 3 liver-damaging foods that are dubbed the “kings of the rotten heart” but most people love to eat:

1. Mushrooms are soaked for a long time

3 types of vegetables are

Ear mushrooms or wood ear mushrooms are non-toxic, edible and can be processed into a variety of nutritious dishes. This mushroom contains many elements, eating in moderation is very good for health.

However, it is important to pay attention to the soaking time of the ear fungus, because if the wood ear fungus is soaked in water for too long, the ear fungus will metamorphose, creating favorable conditions for harmful bacteria to multiply and thrive. These bacteria and fungi accumulate, strong toxicity can easily cause toxic reactions in humans. If consumed for a long time can cause serious liver damage to cause liver cancer.

In particular, when soaked for a long time, the bacteria in mushrooms can produce a powerful toxin called BKA. This substance does not decompose easily at high temperatures, so even fully cooked it will not be able to destroy all these toxins, which are very harmful to health.

2. Pickled vegetables

3 types of vegetables are

Pickled vegetables are a favorite dish for many families, but these vegetables contain large amounts of nitrite and relatively high amounts of salt, which can be harmful to health. Eating pickles for a long time will cause the body to absorb too much nitrite and salt, which will overload the liver, make the liver susceptible to disease, and even lead to liver cancer.

In addition, if you eat pickles with no apparent origin, there are many potential cancer-causing risks. Because in the process of processing this vegetable, the seller will add some additional ingredients that will also cause damage to the liver. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy heart, you should limit your intake of these foods.

3. Bean sprouts without roots

3 types of vegetables are

There are vegetables that are even more harmful to the liver than drinking alcohol, which can cause detrimental damage and lead to liver cancer, but many people don’t know it, they are rootless vegetables. This type of sprouts is often used as a growth stimulant, and can be formed in a very short time. As a result, it can bring big profits for producers.

The specialty of this bean sprout is that its body is fat, white, has no roots, green bean sprouts, it looks very tasty, and the price is cheap, so many people who want to buy it unknowingly are poisoning themselves.

If you regularly consume these bean sprouts, it will cause the liver to accumulate a lot of toxins, which threatens overall health. Even worse, if not detected early, the liver will gradually be damaged and give cancer cells a chance to attack. Therefore, you need to eliminate these types of foods from your daily diet if you want a healthy liver.

The liver is damaged, the body will experience these abnormal symptoms, get it checked as soon as possible

1. Severe dark circles under the eyes

Even if you don’t stay up late, the dark circles under your eyes are still visible, so you need to be vigilant to see if there is a problem with your liver. When the liver is damaged, metabolism slows down, toxins easily build up in the thin layers of tissue under the skin such as the eye area, leading to serious dark circles.

2. Itchy skin

3 types of vegetables are

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In patients with liver disease, the excretion of bilirubin is disturbed, this substance will enter the blood and accumulate under the skin for a long time, causing itching and discomfort.

3. Easy oily hair

Some people’s hair often quickly becomes oily, greasy after shampooing. The cause may be a damaged liver, problematic liver metabolism, which easily leads to fat accumulation, which easily leads to shiny, greasy, uncomfortable and unsightly hair.

Nourish the liver every day, if you follow these 2 things, your liver will slowly improve

1. Complementary factors that nourish the heart

For a healthy liver, it is very important to supplement the liver with nutrients. The simplest way is to add foods that help nourish the liver into the daily menu:

– Add food from rice, honey, sweet fruits, bananas to provide enough energy, help the liver recover better.

– We recommend using protein-rich foods with high nutritional value such as egg whites, beef, pork, lean chicken, lean fish, tofu, skim milk.

3 types of vegetables are

– Eat lots of green vegetables, fruits to provide minerals and vitamins A, D, B, C … are essential elements for the normal functioning of the liver.

2. Work and rest rules

Regularly staying up late will slow down the liver detoxification process, gradually accumulate toxins in the liver and affect liver health. Therefore, in daily life, we must form the habit of going to bed early and getting up early to reduce the chance of getting liver disease.

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