In Cao Cao’s heart, only these 4 people can defeat Guan Yu: Who are they?

In Cao Cao’s life, there was an exception named Guan Yu. It could be said that Quan Vu was the one that Cao Cao had the utmost admiration and respect for. Respect for his extraordinary talent, extraordinary courage, prestige at the top of the army, honoring his loyalty to Liu Bei.

In Cao Cao's heart, only these 4 people can defeat Guan Yu: Who are they?  - Photo 1.

Cao Cao was eager to recruit Guan Yu. Illustration.

After being captured in the Battle of Xuzhou, Guan Yu helped Cao Cao attack Yuan Shao and made a great contribution. Guan Yu was later named by Cao Cao as Han Tho Dinh Hau. In the end, Quan Vu still left and came back to help Luu Bei, but his reputation as Han Tho Dinh Hau had been known to many people ever since.

According to Quan Vu’s personality, later in life, he still attaches great importance to the title Cao Cao bestowed upon him. Later in the battle of Xich Bich, Quan Vu refused orders to release Cao Cao to return the favor that Cao Cao had shown him earlier.

When he was crowned General of the Five Tigers, Quan Vu reluctantly had to stand on the same line as Hoang Trung. In Cao Cao’s heart, Guan Yu is also a rare talent. He knew that he would be a rival in the future if Guan Yu was released, but still couldn’t bear to kill Guan Yu. In Cao Cao’s mind, only these 4 people can defeat Guan Yu.


    According to historical records, Lu Bo was the number one famous general in the Three Kingdoms period. Initially, Lü Bu joined the army for Dinh Nguyen, then followed Dong Zhuo, then stormed alone, attacked Cao Cao’s base, and captured Xu Chau Liu Bei. Lu Bu’s army was very high, he had never lost in his life.

    Cao Cao had witnessed Lü Bu’s strength with his own eyes, and even he was a little unwilling to kill Lü Bu. Just then, Lü Bu wanted to ask Cao Cao to let him surrender, Cao Cao was confused and asked Liu Bei’s opinion. It was Liu Bei who warned Cao Cao with the example of Dinh Nguyen and Dong Zhuo. Because Lu Bo was an ungrateful father who turned to kill Dinh Nguyen and Dong Trac. In the end, Cao Cao decided to kill Lü Bu.

    Zhang Fei

      Truong Phi was also a famous general in the Three Kingdoms period. He had high martial arts skills and a loyal heart to Luu Bei.

      Truong Phi himself had intercepted tens of thousands of Cao Cao’s soldiers at Truong Ban Bridge. His achievements have become a symbol of courage, self-sacrifice for the country of martial artists.

      In Cao Cao's heart, only these 4 people can defeat Guan Yu: Who are they?  - Photo 2.

      Photo courtesy of Truong Phi.

      Ma Chao

        Ma Sieu is a martial arts general, a mighty Tay Luong warrior in the history of the Three Kingdoms. Ma Sieu had defeated Cao’s army many times, causing Cao Cao to “cut his beard, throw his clothes” at Dong Quan, take the boat, and avoid the names on Vi Thuy. It can be said that this is the most depressing time. Cao Cao had to endure except the battle of Xich Bich, Ma Sieu’s personal ability was very strong, but his tactical skills were not enough, he was only suitable as a general rather than a leader, so he was later captured by Liu Bei.

        Cao Nhan

          Cao Nhan was Cao Cao’s cousin and a famous general in Cao Wei’s barracks during the Three Kingdoms period. Cao Nhan performed very well in the fight against Dong Ngo, teaming up with Truong Lieu to keep Jiang Dong from crossing the Yangtze River for a long time. Cao Nhan had fought side by side with Cao Cao all his life and made many great achievements.

          According to Thu Thuy

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