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Just a small detail, Mango Young reveals “closer than usual” relationship with Linh Ka

The same Sexy girl born in 2002, famous and beautiful, once made a shocking statement about studying, not many people know that, in real life young mango and Linh Ka were also quite close friends. This only came to light when his wife Xemesis posted the story of Linh Ka sitting on a live broadcast singing to him with the status: “Having children you have a heart. I know I’m sad, so it’s a bit broken to sing comfortably.”

Just a few details, Non Mango reveals a closer than usual relationship with Linh Ka - Photo 1.

The sexy girl by Linh Ka’s side, after trying to show her love for her best friend by performing the song “It’s okay, I’m here” but not yet perfected, still made mistakes in the presentation, she also sent a message to Mango that: “I’ll try to practice this song for you.”

Before that, the couple was weighed many times, there were comments that the most similar was their wealth when they were very young, making many people amazed. The two got up after much fuss and made positive changes to improve themselves, gradually gaining sympathetic views from the audience.

Like many other hotgirl sisters, these two girls are also willing to spend deep to buy expensive bags or items from famous brands.

Maybe because they have a lot in common, especially working in the same field, the friendship of these two sexy girls in 2002 is getting stronger.

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