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Just because the photo of ‘virtual’ gas prices immediately made this country panic

This unfortunate and extremely rare incident occurred in Romania when several Facebook users here shared a photo showing the record high price of gasoline (in the country) at $2.48 per liter. .

In fact, the price display board has an error that makes the numbers shown much higher than the gas levels here, and smart people can also immediately see that gasoline and oil prices show the same thing – a factor of 100% impossible.

Just because the photo of 'virtual' gas prices immediately made this country panic - Photo 1.

The photo made Romanian consumers panicked because they couldn’t tell what was real and what was fake.

However, the fear of rising gas prices made many people share this image again and it very quickly spread to every corner of Romania. Car owners simultaneously took to the streets to buy gasoline before gasoline prices increased further (or increased to the level shown in the image) causing overcrowding at every gas station across the country just hours after the original photo was posted.

A few hours later, things escalated again when another image of the often higher gas price tag emerged with the same distributor from the original hurricane photo. However, this photo is completely accurate when the gasoline supplier above is MOL – which is a Hungarian company with a gasoline distribution branch in Romania, and has run out of supply (because it has to import rather than produce itself). forced to increase the price of the fuel they distribute.

Romanian consumers queue to buy gasoline

Romanian news agencies, even national radio, quickly picked up on the above information and posted it online, causing more panic among consumers in the region as they were unaware of the price of gasoline. This forced the Romanian government to ensure that the country’s gasoline reserves were full and the public did not have to worry.

However, many Romanians still sell credit for the above information and continue to queue to buy gasoline even in places where only gasoline distributed by MOL is available at record high prices.

Just because the photo of 'virtual' gas prices immediately made this country panic - Photo 3.

Taking advantage of the above situation, a small gasoline distributor in rural Romania pushed the price of their own gasoline higher than before (2.12 to 2.68 USD/liter), thereby changing the real photo from a fake. Fortunately, the country’s government is adamant that it will punish those who deliberately increase the price of gasoline unregulated and force them to return money to users.

It is noteworthy that not only in Romania, Bulgaria also almost faced similar cases. Although no photos have been posted containing “fake” information as a detonator, people here still take to the streets to buy gasoline for fear of future increases in gasoline prices.

Reference: AutoEvolution

Just because the 'virtual' gas price picture immediately made this country panic - Photo 4. 20220310173914701.chn

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