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Learn 4 PRINCIPLES OF GIVING GIFTS from smart people

Gifts are like glue that binds people together, shortening the distance and fostering feelings for both parties. Giving gifts is also an art to learn but not everyone knows. Mastering the art of gift giving will bring many benefits in life, make a significant contribution to people’s careers and attitudes.

Reciprocity can be mutually satisfying: Learn 4 PRINCIPLES OF REWARDS for smart people to conquer mankind, smooth career and life path - Photo 1.

Giving gifts is easy to say but hard to do. In order to master this unique art and at the same time conquer people’s hearts, you must adhere to the following 4 principles:

1. Whoever helps you, you must give them a gift. They don’t take, you have to give.

Reciprocity can be mutually satisfying: Learn 4 PRINCIPLES OF GIVING GIFTS from smart people to conquer people's hearts, smooth career and life path - Photo 2.

If the other party insists not to accept it, you can ask the other person to accept it for you like a parent or child, making it difficult for the other person to refuse.

We Asians have a tradition of attaching importance to compassion and giving back. You may not believe in the status quo, but you should also know how to put it into practice to make life less winding. Others have helped, you should pay as soon as possible. A love that lasts a long time, the more persistent the feeling of being in debt, the more heartbroken the other party will be for giving it without being paid.

Giving gifts also makes the other person feel your sincerity, feel that your efforts are remembered and appreciated. That way, next time people will be more willing to help you.

2. When you have a job and want to ask others for help, you must clearly remember: “Praying for people doesn’t give gifts, giving gifts doesn’t ask for people”.

Only with reciprocity can we satisfy each other: Learn 4 PRINCIPLES OF GIVING GIFTS by smart people to conquer hearts, smooth career and life path - Photo 4.

When giving gifts, do not mention things that require the help of others, otherwise all the value of the gift and sincerity will be meaningless and be wasted.

This is like helping your boss clean his office, then actively asking him to raise his salary. This action is considered to have put all your previous achievements and efforts in smoke and smoke, and your personality is also greatly degraded.

Prize giving must not be interrupted by a request. Only then will others feel that they are indebted to you, and will return this favor at a later time.

3. Give a gift, you must give the item that the other party can’t buy, otherwise the gift will lose its value.

The recipient of the gift, like it or not, still has desires and hopes for the gift. If I receive an item that I already own or can easily buy, I will definitely be disappointed. From there, all impressions will disappear, and affection will also become shallower.

This is also the reason why gift giving is an art that not everyone can learn. Making other people feel satisfied is not easy because winning people’s hearts is very difficult.

4. Don’t make the relationship a profit-making goal, so that even a friend leaves.

Reciprocity is the only way to satisfy each other: Learn the 4 REWARD PRINCIPLES of smart people to conquer people's hearts, smooth career and life path - Photo 6.

Remember clearly: What can be done with money should not bother other people. Humanity and relations are used only in cases of importance and urgency.

At the heart of the relationship is the exchange of peer values. People help you, you give them gifts and return the favor. The two sides reciprocated, neither owed anyone anything.

However, if you simply want others to help you but don’t know how to reciprocate or give, the current value exchange relationship will become unbalanced, leading to dissatisfaction and conflict. Relationships between humans are very easy to break if they are no longer satisfied in terms of getting value back.

However, giving gifts does not always satisfy the other party. People help you time and time again, but you only know how to use gifts to reciprocate without more practical actions, it’s not comprehensive.

No matter how close friends or relatives are, they must uphold the principle of exchange of values, otherwise all efforts will be in vain.

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