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My mother sent a box of fresh seafood and my husband also forced his wife into the kitchen

My husband really likes to go to his hometown, because there is a sea, he can eat fresh seafood. My dad is on the train again, so whenever he has a good fish, squid, shrimp, or crab, he keeps it for his kids.

Knowing that his son-in-law loves to eat seafood, his parents send him a box of the best seafood every month. A box of more than 10 kg, calculate the price of about 2-3 million. I don’t want my parents to be harmed, so I sometimes transfer a few million to my mother.

In my husband’s mind, every month, he gets a free seafood meal from his in-laws. So I never dared to talk about giving my parents money every month. Since he said it, he thought that because of money, his wife’s parents were very enthusiastic and wise.

Every time my mother sent the box, my husband took it, then opened the lid and put the items in the freezer. For several months now, I’ve noticed that whenever my wife is there, her husband won’t open the box. He sent me to get a knife or a pot for storage. By the time I got there, my husband had already opened it.

I didn’t realize it at first, but my husband’s actions kept repeating themselves for months, leaving me with a question mark. Why does he have? strange behavior so?

Yesterday my mother sent another box of seafood, this time I have prepared a knife and a pan, so that my husband is not wrong. When I won the right to open the box, my husband kicked me to cook.

Ignoring my husband’s request, I opened the box with a knife, the first thing that caught my attention was bill details of the price per kilogram of seafood. Looking at more than 3 million sheets of paper, my throat constricted and I couldn’t say anything. My husband comforted me, saying that grandparents worked hard to get these delicious things, so it was okay to pay a little money.

It turned out that the husband had been fighting for the right to open the box to get this bill, avoiding his wife’s knowledge. Then he will transfer the payment to his mother.

From the moment I saw the paper, I was sad and thought a lot. I felt like I was being taken advantage of by my parents. My mother took money from me, but she still took money from her son-in-law. I was so angry in my heart that I didn’t dare tell my husband. Why did my parents do that?

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