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Ngo Thanh Van flaunts a sweet life no less than “child and wife” with young love

On a recent personal story, Ngo Thanh Van happy to share sweet moments with young love Huy Tran. He took a photo of the breakfast prepared by his girlfriend, along with a picture of two people sipping coffee enjoying the weekend. Ngo Thanh Van also did not forget to attach the line: “Van and Huy”.

Although not showing her face, fans can see the hidden happiness expressed through the two songs the actress has attached: “The most beautiful thing”. Seeing the simple but very complete breakfast in the picture, people guessed that “Hai Phuong” was cared for and loved completely by his lover. It could be seen that the couple chose to enjoy love in a very simple but sweet way, he personally prepared breakfast for her even though the two of them could actually eat at a fancy restaurant.

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Ngo Thanh Van’s personal story full of honey

Previously, the “beating woman” also often shared peaceful moments with her lover on social networks. From cycling on the road, taking care of each other to cooking together at home, the couple made fans jealous with this beautiful love story. Huy Tran and Ngo Thanh Van have an 11 year age difference, but age hardly affects or separates the two. Even Ngo Thanh Van is said to have brought young love to his family. Fans are looking forward to it and believe that the couple’s wedding will not be long.

Happy moments that the couple once shared on social networks.


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