Selling contraband Covid-19 medication, available at any price

The number of Covid-19 cases across the country has been steadily increasing over the past few years, especially in Hanoi. Due to anxiety, many people who are treating Covid-19 at home have bought and used various types of medicine medicine to treat covid-19 Do not follow your doctor’s instructions and prescriptions.

Seeing this growing demand, many people are openly selling on social networking sites and groups of drugs that are believed to be able to treat Covid-19. Find information about the drug “Lien Hoa Thanh On” originating from abroad, which has not yet been licensed for distribution by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health. There are many places for sale online.

    Selling contraband drugs to treat Covid-19 at any price - Photo 1.

Lien Hoa Thanh On medicine for sale to the public on facebook

Through the website, the reporter contacted the sales consultant, who introduced the drug “Lien Hoa Thanh Wen” from China, at a price of 250,000 VND/box of 24 tablets. This employee emphasized that Covid-19 treatment uses 1-2 boxes, depending on the symptoms of each person.

When asked if he wanted to buy directly, this employee said that due to the Covid-19 outbreak, limited contacts had to be ordered to be sent to customers in need, after checking the goods, the customer would pay.

The same drug is called “Lien Hoa Thanh On”, but the prices offered for online sales are very different. From 60,000 to around 300,000 VND/box. With a price of 60,000 VND/box, usually the seller will ask wholesalers in large quantities.

    Selling contraband drugs to treat Covid-19 at any price - Photo 2.

Lien Hoa Thanh On drug sales consultant

A Facebook account called Huyen My T., when a customer asks to buy a drug, is very enthusiastic to give advice and ask about symptoms to be “prescribed”. This person suggested to use 2 boxes (ie 48 tablets) for treatment, or it can also be taken to prevent and fight the virus. At a selling price of 190,000 VND/box, Mbak T says “you get what you pay for” because there are so many fakes on the market today.

In recent times, market management forces (QLTT) in many provinces and cities have inspected, found and confiscated large quantities of the drug “Lien Hoa Thanh On” without any documents to prove origin and has not yet been issued a marketing authorization in Vietnam.

On March 4, Nguyen Thi Nga (resident in Tu Son city, Bac Ninh province) was transporting 1,200 Lien Hoa Thanh On capsules for consumption when traffic control forces coordinated with the Police Department to investigate corruption crimes, economic position ( PC03) – The Bac Ninh Provincial Police investigated, confiscated and handled them according to regulations.

A large quantity of Lien Hoa Thanh On drugs has just been found and confiscated in Hanoi – CLiP: QLTT provided

In Ho Chi Minh City, on March 10, HCM City Market Management Department coordinated with Team 6 – Economic Police Department, Ho Chi Minh City Police to check at ADN CARE Trading Service Co., Ltd. to detect and confiscate 80,000 Lien Hoa Thanh On is an imported product without invoices and documents, without a distribution registration number, without an import permit.

The consignment owner stated that all of the above items were ordered from Cambodia and sent back to Vietnam, without invoices or documents to prove their origin.

The General Department of Market Management has asked the local Information Management Department to strictly follow the General Department’s previous instructions regarding the examination and control of drugs supporting the treatment of Covid-19. In addition, directing the Information Management Team to proactively collect information, strengthen area management to detect and take firm action against those who trade Covid-19 test kits, medicines for treatment, Covid-19 of unknown origin, there is no guarantee of quality.

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