Students and students who specialize in deadlines stop by Ministop to eat and sit all day

Primed in a central area and fairly close to schools, the ministop ministop network has long been a familiar stop to many different customers. While office workers often stop by Ministop to buy breakfast and drink coffee, Gen Z tends to often “camp” to review lessons, prepare presentations, write reports,… In addition to the advantages in terms of location, various products with a series of cashless payment incentives are also become an interesting point for young people to choose Ministop. For example, this March, if you are a new user, you can enter code BANMOI15 to receive 99% coin refund up to 15K or code BANMOI50 to receive 5% to 50K coin refund with first QR payment with ShopeePay wallet. As for those who are too “naming familiar” with ShopeePay, on March 14, 15 and 16, coins will be refunded up to 50% up to 14K, 15K, and 16K. Let’s see what young people have to say about the AEON (Japan) group store chain!

Ideal place to study, meet friends

It could be argued that one of the first reasons why so many people come to Ministop is the ideal space. As all shops are equipped with cool air conditioning, Wifi is like a breeze, and clean WCs, customers can be sure to stop from 30 minutes to a few hours to eat, rest or run.deadlines, group meetings. Hoai Thuong (21 years old, student) is a typical example. His house is right next to a Ministop, so Hoai Thuong goes to the shop almost every day. “The ministop has a bright and comfortable space. When I’m hungry, I can also find cakes or milk cartons that suit my taste here”, Thuong shared.

A wide range of products and good lighting, supporting learning and writing is one of the advantages of Ministop. Depending on the shop, the customer seating area will have different large and small areas. However, many young people find the seats at Ministops quite clean, comfortable, and most importantly, unlimited time.

Great food and drinks at affordable prices

Apart from confectionery, fruit, drinks, and ice cream, Ministop’s ready-to-eat foods are also popular with students. With “just listening makes you addicted” names such as sandwich, salad, rice ball, oden hot pot, hot dog, mandu,… Ministop caters to the many needs and eating habits of Gen Z. Minh Nam (24 years) , staff sales) loves sandwiches because they are filling and delicious. Meanwhile, My Ha (20 years old, student) admitted that she often stopped by to buy salads because the vegetables were very fresh and good for health.

The counter of prepared food is always full and updated daily, ensuring its freshness and heat. Minh Nam chose egg sandwich as his favorite dish at Ministop. The price of each pair of sandwiches ranges from 26K to 29K, relatively “suitable” for students. Cakes have an expiration date so they always look like new!

Nice and friendly staff

Along with product and location excellence, staff are always enthusiastic and also a factor to retain customers. Upon entering the Ministop, the greetings and smiles of the staff will be the first things you will meet. Whether customers need to find produce or heat up lunch, hot dogs,… the staff is here to help!

The staff are always enthusiastic to support customers and take care at every stage of cake picking, preparation and payment.

A wide range of consumer products that can be purchased 24/7

Apart from a range of ready-to-eat food and drinks, Ministop’s convenience is also reflected in its long list of personal items, household items, etc. Khoi Nguyen (17 years, student) shared: “I go to Ministop to buy masks, toothbrush, pens, pencils. Ministop is open 24/7 so it’s my first choice whenever I need it. Shop for small things” .

Whenever I need to do some small shopping, Khoi Nguyen will immediately think of Ministop. Even a needle box is present at Ministop, it’s true there’s no need to argue about the convenience of this chain of stores! And stationery products such as pens, rulers, erasers, … also save students’ lives when they go to school.

Accept various forms of payment

Lan Anh (22 years, student) said: “I often forget cash or only have money in my account, so paying in various forms at Ministop is very nice and convenient for me”. In fact, apart from cash, customers can also pay by swiping a card or using an e-wallet such as ShopeePay to enjoy more incentives when making purchases.

Paying by scanning QR Scan & Pay in the Shopee app helps users take advantage of the many offers from the ShopeePay wallet.

Users can also go to “ShopeePay Near You” to choose to buy Ministop “bargain” offers. Many products are still selling for only 1K. Quickly top up your ShopeePay wallet in the Shopee app to experience it! 2022031115252024.chn

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