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Surprise 6 food groups very good but recommended for “disgusting” with sweet potato

Saturday, 12 March 2022 16:00 (GMT+7)

Sweet potatoes and familiar country dishes such as corn, bananas, tomatoes, pumpkins… but are advised not to eat together for the sake of health.

One of the advantages of sweet potatoes is that they contain large amounts of binding proteins, polysaccharides, mucus, which help the body maintain the elasticity of the blood, brain and heart, thereby preventing the development of blood clots. good for the respiratory tract, digestive tract, provides lubrication for the joint cavity.

Surprisingly 6 food groups very good but recommended

Sweet potatoes carry a lot of nutritional value for health. Illustration

In addition, sweet potatoes contain a lot of fiber, which can promote bowel movements, effectively prevent constipation, and reduce the rate of rectal cancer and colon cancer.

Eating sweet potato in the morning will be the perfect choice to replenish energy for the day and help keep fit and beautify the skin. In particular, it also helps prevent dangerous diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc.

Although it is a nutritious and relatively healthy food, sweet potatoes are not recommended to be consumed with the following food groups:

Don’t eat with pumpkin

Sweet potatoes and pumpkin are two laxative foods, but when combined they cause gas. Conditions of vomiting and heartburn occur when consuming these two foods together. Pay attention when cooking, the stew must be cooked thoroughly if you don’t want the stomach condition to get worse.

Don’t eat with tomatoes

If the menu already has sweet potatoes, you should not add tomatoes. Because sweet potatoes contain sugar, when eating these foods, the stored sugar will stimulate the stomach to secrete more stomach acid.

Meanwhile, when eaten in the body, tomatoes are easily deposited in a strong acidic environment, from which food will accumulate in the intestines and stomach, causing difficulties in digestion, absorption, stomach pain, diarrhea.

Don’t eat with bananas

Surprisingly 6 food groups very good but recommended

Bananas and sweet potatoes are both delicious, but not recommended together. Illustration

Just like tomatoes, when eating sweet potatoes should not be eaten with bananas. These are both easy foods to create a feeling of fullness. Therefore, if you eat at the same time, the stomach will be full easily, stomach acid rises. Even eating too many bananas and sweet potatoes will cause difficulty in digestion and absorption. In severe cases, it can cause chronic poisoning because food in the intestine and stomach is blocked.

Don’t eat with corn

Corn is considered a food with a high nutritional content. On average, 100g of corn contains about 70.6g of carbohydrates, rich in protein, fiber, fat, magnesium, potassium… In addition, corn contains a large amount of vitamins, 5-10 times higher than the amount of vitamins in rice .and wheat.

To digest corn, the stomach needs to secrete a lot of acid and it also takes a long time to complete this job. If you eat corn and sweet potatoes at the same time, it will overload the stomach, causing the stomach to secrete more acid to digest both foods, which is worse, causing acid reflux.

Don’t eat with eggs

Eggs are high protein and low fat foods that are perfect for breakfast. Whether or not eggs and sweet potatoes are allowed, depending on each object. In particular, people with good peristalsis and digestive system, eating these two dishes at the same time will not do any harm. But for people with digestive disorders, the stomach takes a long time to fully digest the protein content in eggs. If you continue to eat more sweet potatoes, it will add to the burden on the digestive tract and cause stomach upset.

Don’t eat with persimmons

The sugar in sweet potatoes when it enters the body will easily ferment in the stomach, so when eating sweet potatoes it will cause an increase in gastric acid secretion. If you eat sweet potato and persimmon together, it will thicken and precipitate acid in the stomach due to the chemical reaction of the complex tannin – pectin persimmon. In severe cases, bleeding may occur, gastric ulcer or gastric ulcer.


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