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Teach your children 2 IGNORE, 3 DON’T FORGET to let them grow up

With her mother’s experience and knowledge of a pedagogical lecturer, Ms. Phan Ho Diep, mother of the “miracle” Do Nhat Nam, has spent a lot of time developing the “Sweet Dau Class” project to propagate this method. This method of child education is useful for many parents.

In particular, the principle of teaching children 2 regardless, 3 should not be ignored, is highly appreciated by psychologists, also responded by the “Sweet Pea Class” Ms. Diep.

Magic mother Do Nhat Nam: Teach your children 2 IGNORE, 3 DON'T FORGET to grow up - Photo 1.

Phan Ho Diep is the mother of the “miracle” Do Nhat Nam. (Photo: Facebook character)

An intelligent child may be born in part, but an independent child, knowing how to behave, is due to the training and education of the environment in which the child lives. Therefore, in order for children to grow up, in addition to the internal strength in children, parents must pay attention to how to educate children in the right way.

Below is a part of the “Sweet Pea Class” in raising children to develop emotional intelligence (EQ) comprehensively.


1. “Ignore” you do it yourself

Today, when I saw my mother picking kale, I wanted to do it too, but my mother screamed “I can’t do it, hurry up and play for me to do”. It made me feel a little embarrassed. Well, I pick vegetables but the leaves go to the leaves, the stems to the stems, the dead leaves and the green ones are in the same basket, but you can guide me to do it when I’m excited and interested.

I woke up and wanted to dress myself but you said “No, it’s getting late, when will I wear it?”. That disappointed me a little. Well, I button the up button to the bottom button, but you can be a little patient and guide me when I want to develop independence.

Children’s ability to work is not high, but parents should let their children do things according to their abilities. Parents, please stay by your side to observe, encourage and guide your child to do the right thing. This will reduce psychological dependence on adults and help children improve their ability to handle things on their own. When children want to do and can do it themselves, there will be a sense of achievement, encouraging children to be more independent.

However, after all, it is still necessary to guide and teach children. Children’s self-defense does not mean they can do whatever they want, parents still have to be responsible for educating and educating their children so that they can develop as well as possible.

Magic mother Do Nhat Nam: Teach your children 2 IGNORE, 3 DON'T FORGET to grow up - Photo 3.

2. “Ignore” I decided

When parents overestimate their responsibility for their children’s development. Children lose the opportunity to establish accountability. Children’s responsibilities will form from the moment decisions are made – children must think carefully and have an opinion; from the moment I have to work hard to complete my task because I have chosen…

Before all the doubts of the child, ask your child to make a list of things that fall into the two groups of “benefits” and “disadvantages/risks” for each option. Let your child compare, weigh and make the final decision.


1. Don’t ignore if your child doesn’t follow the rules

When a child does not follow the rules, parents definitely must not obey, otherwise this child’s behavior will continue later in life, not only at home but also when going to school, out in society, there is absolutely no respect. Ignore, means that parents accept their child’s inappropriate behavior.

Not breaking the rules doesn’t always mean forcing your child to stay within the framework, creating obstacles and discomfort for the child. Parents also need to respect their children’s thinking, share and analyze right and wrong so that they understand, be flexible with their children’s actions whenever possible.

2. Do not ignore if your child is not polite

The undeniable fact is that today’s children behave badly, or are disrespectful and disrespectful to adults as compared to previous generations.

“He’s young, he doesn’t know anything”, many people think when a child makes a mistake, sometimes a parent’s defense when his child makes a mistake with someone else. That thought makes children even more wrong, arrogant.

Children learn very quickly, so it is important for adults to help them recognize their mistakes and correct them. Everything that children know when they come into this world requires the guidance of others.

Parents or anyone else, when they see a child doing something wrong or disrespectful, immediately remind them and show them how to do it right. For example, things that children often do are: Don’t interrupt other people’s words; cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing; Don’t eat, chew, and copy sounds; Don’t stare and point at the opposite person; Knows how to say thank you and sorry…

3. Don’t ignore when your child lies

Many parents find it fun and funny when their child lies. Just because a cute and natural face doesn’t mean a child’s lies are happily accepted.

The things that children lie to can be very small and parents also feel normal, ignoring it is very possible, then children will never be able to get rid of these behaviors, growing up they still have the habit of lying. . The moral development of children also began to form since then. Children’s lies that are nurtured from childhood to adulthood will become a habit and a child’s personality.

Younger children tend to lie for personal gain, while older children begin to guess how other people feel when they lie. And beyond that lying has serious consequences.

Magic mother Do Nhat Nam: Teach your children 2 IGNORE, 3 DON'T FORGET to grow up - Photo 5.

Parents should remind their children as soon as they tell a lie so that they realize it was wrong and don’t do it again.

A child who is successful when balancing wisdom and morality, life skills. With children’s intelligence, it is difficult for parents to intervene and change the life skills that parents can train their children from now on.

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