Thailand coach suddenly says ‘heartbreaking truth’ about Vietnamese players

In an online chat with former Singapore player Shasi Kumar, Coach Mano Polking the Thai team compared Quang Hai’s talent, Hoang Duc with Chanathip.

“I’m very impressed with both players Vietnam National Teamthis is Hoang Duc, with special left bet“, said Pak Polking in a conversation with the Singapore coach – Shasi Kumar.

“I like the way Hoang Duc controls the game. Quang Hai is also fantastic, always dangerous and has good ideas. But the decisions Chanathip made in his career made him a special player in Southeast Asia. He accepted the challenge professionally, to become a better player. .

“Chanathip can play in Thailand for 20 years and still be the best player. But he didn’t care about that, to go to Japan. He became the best player in Southeast Asia. Chanathip is also a big game player, when he scored two goals against Vietnam, and two goals in the 2021 AFF Cup final,” said Mano Polking.

Thailand coach suddenly told a painful truth about Vietnamese players - Photo 1.

Coach Mano Polking used to face Vietnam Tel.

Sharing more about his time working in the 2021 AFF Cup, Coach Polking said: “I couldn’t sleep, spent 32 days focused and playing in the AFF Cup. I often think that I don’t know what to do, when the game is over, next only a few day.

Every night I usually wake up at 3 am, 4 am, I think about dozens of possible scenarios in the game.

If the opponent comes in like this, what will I do, if we score first, what should I do, or if a player gets a red card, what should I do. This job is very stressful and different for a player.”

Coach Polking admits he is a tough Pep Guardiola: “He is like a God in football. I hardly ever miss a Man City game. I also read his book on how to manage a team.

I want to see if I can learn something from him, about coaching players. He has about 300 exercises for players, and I will choose three that are suitable for my players.”

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