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The culprit will face the death penalty

On March 12, the Head of the Pediatric Emergency Resuscitation Department of Saint Paul Hospital (Hanoi) said: D.NA (3 years, girl nailed to the head) died. The head of the department said the baby died tonight (March 12), the cause of which was determined by a patient with brain damage caused by a foreign body in the head, which was irreversible.

3-year-old girl nailed to head has died: Offender to face highest death penalty - Photo 1.

Film image shows 9 pin-like foreign bodies in the brain tissue of a 3-year-old girl D.NA

According to this doctor, the girl’s body was being left in the hospital morgue, waiting to be handed over to the family.

Sharing with the child’s family, lawyer Dang Van Cuong – Hanoi Bar Association said: “So after 3 months of intensive care, the miracle didn’t happen, the baby didn’t survive after suffering serious injuries especially those caused by the perpetrator. With the new development of such cases. the offender will face the highest life imprisonment sentence. or death.”

According to the law, the act of murder if the victim is not dead is determined as an unsatisfactory crime, then the maximum sentence will not exceed 20 years in prison. As for the case of murder and resulting in the death of the victim, the highest penalty can be life imprisonment or the death penalty.

3-year-old girl nailed to head has died: Offender to face highest death penalty - Photo 2.

Nguyen Trung Huyen, the girlfriend of the 3-year-old girl’s mother, is the main suspect in the case, was arrested by the police and investigated for “murder”.

In this case, an unfortunate thing happened, after a period of treatment, the baby has now died, so as a result it is determined the death of the victim and incurs medical expenses.. Therefore, this subject will face a maximum prison sentence of 12 to 20 years, life imprisonment or the death penalty.. However, with such inhuman cruelty, it was highly likely that this subject would face either life imprisonment or the ultimate death.

In addition to having to bear the highest criminal responsibility, the perpetrator in this case must compensate for all losses suffered by the victim and the victim’s family, including money for rescue costs, past medical treatment, caregiver wages, funeral costs and compensation for loss of life for the victim’s family. In the event that the two parties cannot reach an agreement, the court will decide according to the provisions of the law on compensation for the damage caused by the violated life.

After the case occurred, the investigative agency tried the case and charged the defendant with murder. During the examination, the subject admits his crime, the confession of the defendant is in accordance with the traces left on the victim’s body, witness statements and circumstances, other purposes.

Therefore, the investigative agency has reason to deal with this murder case with lots of details framing increased criminal liability like thugs, committing crimes with people under 16 years old and now that the victim is dead, dead, the subject will face the highest sentence of life imprisonment life or death. If the victim does not die, the sentence is no more than 20 years in prison.

“With the presence of thugs, cold blooded, inhumane acts, grave violations of children’s lives, this subject will be subject to a very harsh punishment and condemned by society. public.”Lawyer Cuong said.

In addition, in this case, the legal doctor said that the investigator also needs to clarify the role of the mother in the case, if there is reason to show that the mother has incited and instigated, or knows the act of nailing. nail to their child’s head but fail to prevent it or report it to the authorities, this person should also be criminally treated as an accomplice or for not reporting the crime.

Baby A. is a victim of abuse by Nguyen Trung Huyen (30 years). According to the authorities, Huyen admitted to torturing baby A. many times since the girl came to live. Around October 2021, Huyen bought 2 packs of herbicide and mixed them into a soft drink bottle for the girl to drink, causing the victim to be poisoned and have to be admitted to the National Children’s Hospital.

A month later, the suspect put a screw in the girl’s mouth. At that time, the girl’s mother had to take her child to the Thach That District Hospital to have the foreign object removed.

On December 24, 2021, Huyen was drunk and the girl’s arm was broken. On the morning of January 17, Huyen continued to assault his girlfriend’s stepdaughter at a motel in the Thach That district.

While receiving emergency treatment from a victim who was in a coma, having convulsions all over his body, the hospital alerted the police. Determining that the baby’s right arm was in a cast and had meningitis, the district hospital doctor transferred the patient to Saint Paul’s Hospital for an emergency. According to the scan results, the girl had 9 foreign objects in her skull, shaped like pins.

On January 20, Hanoi police issued a decision to prosecute the accused and a temporary detention order for Nguyen Trung Huyen (30 years, in Thach That district, Hanoi) for murder. te-20220312213514375.chn

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