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The father lost his mind in the hospital corridor

“When the operation was over, the doctor called me. On the table I saw 9 nails pulled from my baby’s head. I didn’t dare look anymore.” Mr. Chung – D.NA’s father was touched.

“I hope he dies peacefully, so when the doctor removed my fingernail I felt a little relieved. My son died, but he doesn’t have to carry the pain.”

Choking as a 3 year old girl in Hanoi

Mr Chung – father of a 3-year-old girl abused by her mother’s mistress

The stubborn little man lost his mind holding onto his daughter’s remaining belongings, walking slowly along the corridor. Her last hope was dashed, after days in the hospital caring for her son, but the baby made no progress. Currently, the family is focusing on taking care of the future of the grandchildren, said Mr. Chung.

A few days ago, Mr. Chung and his family were advised by doctors to prepare mentally for the worst situation. At 16:00 this afternoon, Mr. Chung was told that his daughter’s heart had stopped beating.

“Doctors tried to provide first aid but he recovered for a while, the night he left, then I went in to change his clothes.” Mr. Chung is very emotional.

Choking as a 3 year old girl in Hanoi

Relatives stay in hospital

Sharing with us, the girl’s family said that after completing the forensic procedures, the family would take her to cremation and then return to her hometown in Thach That district for burial.

Baby .NA died after almost 3 months of fighting with 9 nails on his head and many wounds all over his body. The perpetrator of the crime is the lover of the mother. Nguyen Trung Huyen was tried and detained on January 20 last year. At the police station, Huyen confessed that he had personally driven a nail into A.’s head, in addition, Huyen also repeatedly caused A.’s baby to be hospitalized for poisoning, broken arm, swallowed nails… not-for-mang-dau-don-theo-min-20220313012211698.chn

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