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The female student has a very unique name, the whole class burst into laughter as soon as she introduced it

Recently, a Chinese social network came up with a very interesting topic “When you were in school, what was your class name that made you laugh when you heard it?”. Although this topic is not new, it always makes people laugh and talk with passion. Thanks to this topic, many names have “1-0-2”, unimaginably unique!

For example, there is a male student named Truong Phi (a famous general of the Shu Han Dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history, and also appears in the novel Three Kingdoms interpreting the meaning of the author La Guanzhong), or several male students also named ” Vuong Gia”, “Luu Manh”,…

Also in this topic, a girl born in 1998 shared the name of her “bad cry”. Therefore, that name used to cause him to face many embarrassing situations when he was at school, especially when he stood up to introduce to the teacher and the rest of the class at the start of the school year.

The female student has a very unique name, right after the introduction, the whole class burst into laughter: This name identifies a bad number, no one wants to play - Photo 1.

In particular, this student is “Bach Lien Hoa”. To prove it, he also shared a photo of his ID card. For the uninitiated, “white lotus” is a very hot phrase among young people in recent years. If you watch Chinese movies often, you will at least have heard this phrase.

The white lotus flower in Chinese is , which means “white lotus”. The lotus is basically beautiful, the white lotus is even more beautiful. It represents a clear pure white color “near the mud but without the smell of rotting mud”.

However, “white lotus” on the internet is a noun to refer to a girl who is gentle on the outside, appears innocent, harmless, and always says “I don’t know anything”, or “I don’t understand”. or “You are so weak”… If you treat him well, nothing will happen. But be careful, if you don’t know how to behave “fairly”, then very soon, “pure women” will tell you “what is modesty”. Gosh, “white lotus” is so sour, but “bitter” I don’t know.

In general, “white lotus flower” does not mean anything good, and the girl above is unlucky! Perhaps at the time his friend was born, the expression “white lotus” was not used in its current meaning.

The online community then laughed and felt sorry for their friend. Needless to say, I know how tiring and difficult 9x school life can be. Thinking about standing up to introduce my name to the rest of the class makes me want to cry.

In fact, not only in China but also in Vietnam, there used to be a lot of boys and girls singing on social networks because of their unique names. For example, a male student named Mai Thanh Trieu Phu, or a male student named Vo Doan Duy Best,…

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