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The more enlightened, the simpler life is

The so-called “simple life” is not material deprivation and spiritual poverty. Through the method of reducing complexity and simplification, reducing everything to its essence to live frugally, more environmentally friendly, more in line with human nature and comfortable, happy.

The essence of a simple lifestyle is not throwing everything away, but knowing how to plan properly, make the best use of cutlery, clean to live a neat, orderly and comfortable life.

Human relationships also require simplicity, not complexity. Everyone should set their own boundaries and rules of conduct, not arbitrarily interfere in the lives of others and not allow others to arbitrarily interfere in their lives. Free to move forward on your life path. Don’t interfere, argue or get in the way of each other’s progress, that’s minimal respect.

The smarter a person is, the simpler his life - 1

1. Simpler, more advanced

In many cases, things are more advanced, things are simpler. The simpler the performance, without complicated colors or choreography, the more the music can instantly touch the hearts of the audience.

The simpler the better. When your way of life becomes simpler, you can spend more time on things that are important and meaningful, thus creating more value.

When we put aside the superfluous things that we are not good at and are not interested in and devote our energies to one thing, concentrating day by day, quantitative change leads to qualitative change. . With constant effort and perseverance, you will stand firmly at the top of the pyramid.

When we no longer pile up work tasks but know how to group them into categories, prioritize them, set clear goals, we will get things done with higher quality.

Look around and think about it, you will see that things are actually not as complicated as we think. They come from simple ideas or from the simplest arrangements. As long as you’re focused, you too can make a breakthrough from the simplest of changes.

The smarter a person is, the simpler his life - 2

2. Simpler, wiser

In everyday life, we often envy people who can solve various problems well. They seem to be born with the ability to simplify complex problems. They make others feel like there’s nothing they can’t do, there’s no chasm they can’t cross. Looking back, it turns out that such people immediately realized the minimalist philosophy of life.

Simple to effective. Don’t limit yourself to too many rules and regulations, but focus on the valuable things you love. Just put your energy into the things that really matter and affect you instead of always having to choose between too many options.

The so-called masters in life don’t force themselves to do a lot in a short amount of time, but they will put aside the things that limit them, eliminating choices that waste time and effort. In most cases, the simpler the better; The simpler, the wiser.

Simpler, quieter. In life, sometimes we keep thinking about something and are constantly obsessed with it. However, if you pause to think about it, you will see that it makes us sad, hinders our progress. The more you think, the more anxious and sensitive you become.

In fact, many things in life are not as complicated as we think. As long as you think in simpler and calmer ways, your mind will become clearer, seeing the nature of problems that seem complex beyond their ability to solve.

The smarter a person is, the simpler his life - 3

3. The simpler the better

If you look closely around you will see, the things that touch our hearts the most are often the very simple things. A little simple and fresh interior decoration, flowers blooming on the balcony, the lemon tree in the garden has fruited, the sunset is red on the horizon… All this makes our hearts suddenly happy. See how light and meaningful life is.

The most perfect makeup is never really bold eyes, lots of lips, but makeup that is beautiful but still has to highlight the natural line of the person. His demeanor was subtle and radiant, not making the interlocutor feel like he was standing in front of a stranger. Beautiful but unpretentious, naturally beautiful, very attractive.

Simple clothes, no fuss dresses will give you more comfort in life, to live slower in this complicated world. This is also the realm of beauty.

The smarter a person is, the simpler his life - 4

Everyone is the main character in his life. Be the owner, steer your ship, build what you want. Learning to master your life, control your emotions, adapt to circumstances and live simply, you will find happiness not far away.

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