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The price of Honda SH 2022 suddenly reversed, shocking dealers

According to a survey of journalists, in some areas of Hanoi, the price of the 2022 Honda SH recorded strong fluctuations in all versions.

Specifically, the Honda SH 125i CBS and 125i ABS are priced at 83 million and 94 million dong, respectively (equivalent to an increase of 12-15 million dong compared to the proposed price). While the Honda SH 150i CBS in early March 2022 is currently priced at 113.5 million VND, an increase of more than 17 million VND compared to the time after Tet.

Similarly, the 2022 Honda SH 150i ABS is priced at 118 million dong, 12 million dong more than the end of January and 22 million dong more than the suggested price.

For the two versions of the 2019 SH 150 ABS and 150 CBS 2019, the prices for this month’s versions are 148 and 158 million dong respectively (an increase of 66-74 million dong compared to the proposed price). In contrast, the price of the SH 350i is down more than 3 million compared to the end of January, the current price of the car at 168 million.

At the end of 2021, Honda Vietnam also launched the latest version of the Honda SH 2022 in the domestic market. Honda SH 2022 has an overall length x width x height of 2090 x 739 x 1129 mm, respectively. Viewed from the front, customers can easily recognize the Honda SH 2022 because the LED headlights have been moved to the cover position.

Entering a new generation, engine power is better than before. Specifically, the SH 125i version will be equipped with a 124.8cc, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder petrol engine with a capacity of 12.2 horsepower and 12 Nm of torque.

Meanwhile, the SH 150i will use a 156.9 cc, 4-stroke 1 cylinder petrol engine, which produces 16.2 horsepower and 14.8 Nm of torque. All versions share the familiar continuous variable transmission.

In addition, the SH 2022 offers 2 brake options including CBS and ABS. The HSTC traction control system has the ability to cut power from the engine to the rear wheels if it detects wheel slip when turning the throttle.

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