There are voting results from the ‘Apples-Sung-So’ camera competition, who won with 8980 votes?

After more than 1 day of voting, we have received thousands of votes for photos taken from the 3 most popular flagship smartphones on the market today. And as announced, we’ll be revealing the photos taken from the devices most voted on by our readers. Let’s review the series of photos below as well as the vote count to see which smartphone is rated to take better photos.

The results of the vote are taken by us at 20:00 on March 11.

1. Outdoors, in low light, use a telephoto camera

Entering the first comparison photo, the phone on the right received an excellent vote with 82% 2295 times each compared to 15% 435 votes from the middle photo and the simplest with 80 votes – only 3% of the vote on the left photo.

2. Take photos of people, outdoor light

In terms of taking photos with human subjects, the middle photo occupies the leading position with 44% and 1240 votes, followed by 981 times and 35% right photo, and the third position remains with the photo. to 21%.

3. Take a photo to remove the coffee cup background, because it’s cloudy

This time, the leading position was in the center photo with 59% and 1591 votes, 790 votes for the right photo contributed 29% and the last one was still the left photo with 326 votes 12%.

4. Close-up shot, sunlight, shadows

Switching to close-up mode, the left photo eliminates the score while leading with a “big” vote to 1754 votes with 66% each, followed by 736 votes 28% and 173 turns 6% center photo and right photo. Will the phone on the right be wiped in the next round? Please follow along.

5. Photo taken with 3x zoom, cloudy sky

In zoom mode, the photos seem to bring close results, more specifically, they should be made better and receive a 36% vote rate for 905 votes, followed by 35% with 874 votes from the left photo and the last photo in the photo. middle with 743 votes and 29%.

6. Use telephoto camera, strong light difference

To eight ounces, one pound. The right photo received 910 votes or 37%, followed by 35% with 848 votes from the left photo and finally the middle photo with 28% and 694 votes

7. Telephoto camera, low light

In this round, the lead was still in favor of the right photo with 997 votes and 43% of the vote, behind 33% with 759 votes for the center photo, and 561 votes for the left photo with 24%.

8. Taken 1x indoors, low light conditions, the main light source is yellow light

An overwhelming victory with 1,400 votes, 62% each going to the left photo, while the center photo and right photo got 460 (20%) and 414 (18%) votes, respectively.

9. Low light telephoto camera

It seems that the left photo has done a good job of shooting in low light as it continues to take first place in 50% of the votes with 1120 votes, followed by 983 votes, 44% of the center photo and only 6% of the votes About the photo should equal 126 votes .

10. Telephoto camera, captures details of flower bouquet in low light

    In terms of capturing object detail, the center photo was better when it received 1340 votes with a 59% rate, the left photo with 742 votes with 33%, and the last photo was still the right photo with 8% votes. means 176 votes.


    So, sequentially, we have a total 8980 voted for the center photo, 8287 voted for the left photo and the last with 7,767 votes for the right photo. On average, 35.9% chose the best center photo, followed by 34.1% for the left photo and 30% for the right photo.

    Now you have to wait for the final result and we also want to reveal the secret that the middle photo belongs to the photo taken by Galaxy S22 Ultraleft photo belongs to iPhone 13 Pro Max and photos must belong Sony Xperia Pro-I

    We will continue to provide reader camera comparisons of many other mobile products in the near future, stay tuned. sound-20220311221321592.chn

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