Ukrainian refugee family disappointed in promised land: “Terrible

Denied entry due to no relatives in England

According to the Daily Mail (UK), after the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine broke out, many Ukrainians became refugees and sought refuge in continental Europe. Among them are the family of Mr. Vadym Chernets (45 years).

Mr. family The Chernets consist of 9 people: including him and his wife, their 6 children (1 son and 5 daughters, aged 7 to 23 years), a 7 month old nephew. In addition, his 23-year-old daughter is pregnant with her second child.

Last week, the family left the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, in a Mercedes-Benz for France and hoped to eventually reach the UK safely. However, when they arrived at the port of Calais (France), they were informed by the British border officials at the “British Immigration Information Point” for Ukrainian refugees that their families could not apply for a visa because they could not obtain a visa. relatives in England.

    Disappointed Ukrainian refugee family in the promised land: Terrible - I was shocked - Photo 1.

The red symbol is the port city of Calais. French

One official even “heartless” shouted at the Chernets at the time: “Get back in your fancy car and go!”wrote the Daily Mail.

Chernets told the Daily Mail: “I was surprised to hear that. These officials don’t care about us, they only care about procedures and institutions. I thought England would welcome us, but with what we have done. Through it, I felt as if they were insulting me.”

Mr Chernets continued: “We just ran away from Kiev and the kids saw some terrible things. My eldest son is still fighting there. England is a country I’ve always admired and we want to learn English, stay here until safely back to Ukraine. relatives in the UK and don’t know who will support me financially but I don’t understand why the government can’t change the rules and help them me”.

    Disappointed Ukrainian refugee family in the promised land: Terrible - I was shocked - Photo 2.

Nine members of the Chernets family. Photo: Daily Mail

According to the Daily Mail, after being turned down by British immigration officials, the Chernets returned to their Mercedes and are now considering which country to head to.

“We can stay in France, or go to other European countries, I don’t know. I’m still trying to accept the fact that the UK doesn’t welcome us. Luckily, my financial situation isn’t bad, so we’ll do it first. Then think about what to do next.” Chernet said.

Britain and France “war of words” over Ukrainian immigrants

According to information from Reuters and the Guardian (UK), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on March 7 said that from the beginning of the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine (February 24) until On March 6, more than 1.7 million refugees fled Ukraine to other European countries. This has become Europe’s fastest-growing refugee crisis since World War II, UNHCR officials say.

    Disappointed Ukrainian refugee family in the promised land: It was terrible - I was shocked - Photo 3.

Ukrainian refugees waiting to enter Romania. Photo: Sohu

In fact, what happened to the Chernets is no exception. When Ukrainian refugees face a “dilemma” on the Anglo-French border, these two “eternal rivals” create a “war of words”.

On 6 March, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin asked the British side to resolve the visa issue for Ukrainian refugees wishing to enter the UK as soon as possible, calling the UK approach unreasonable.

But UK Home Secretary Priti Patel denied France’s accusations, saying: “The British government is basically not bringing anyone back.”

In the short term, Ukraine is still struggling to get into the UK, although Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he is “generous” towards Ukrainian refugees.

During that time, the UK government’s website and visa application crashed several times. The only visa application center for Ukraine closed abruptly last weekend, and visa application appointments were postponed for the next few weeks. A series of events led to the British government being criticized as “bureaucratic”. In the UK, there are also calls for visa exemption for Ukrainians.

To date, a petition on the UK government’s website to “ignore visa requirements for Ukrainian refugees” has more than 150,000 supporters. The UK Parliament will discuss the petition on March 14.

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