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Vietnamese Quiz: “What river is basically noisy”

As a language that is not very common in the world, but Vietnamese brings a uniqueness that not all languages ​​can carry, especially when compared to “hurricane is not the same as grammar”. Vietnamese”.

There is no need to take the example far away, seeing Vietnamese people who use their mother tongue since childhood is still difficult. Vietnamese quiz with seemingly simple content in the program Fast as lightning Below, will make you a little doubtful:

“What river is basically noisy?”

    Vietnamese Quiz: What river is noisy - Answer 90% of Vietnamese know this familiar name!  - Photo 1.

Source: Lightning Fast

Before this question, can you think about what is being talked about? Is there such a strange thing? Yes, it’s a pun that shows the act of making a sound. That answer is: River.

“La” are action words to say words out loud, out of pain or fear, anger, or for everyone to hear. When shouting very loudly, it is also known as shouting or screaming loudly.

The La River is the confluence of two rivers, Ngan Pho and Ngan Sau, 12km long, flowing through Duc Tho district, Ha Tinh province. Referring to the La River refers to the love songs of the river, the image of the La River is very familiar in timeless poetry, but it is not noisy and noisy like a puzzle.

Another interesting lore for those who like puns and are interested in geography!

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