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What should be done so as not to be afraid of seasickness when traveling to the sea?

1. Choose beautiful weather when traveling to the beach

You may not know, the weather is one of the causes of seasickness. When the weather changes, the rough sea makes you easily tired and seasick while sailing. When planning a trip to the sea, the first thing you should know is what the weather will be like during your trip. Don’t travel when the weather is bad, the sea is rough, the waves are big, the wind is storm… it’s not only seasick but also dangerous for life. Always remember that the rougher the sea, the more likely you are to get seasick.

Just like when traveling by plane, if the weather is bad, the sea is rough, the ship often shakes and gets stuck. And people will often feel afraid, psychologically unstable, so it is easy to fall into a state of seasickness, fatigue and vomiting. In fact, sailing at night is less likely to get seasick than during the day.

2. Take painkillers or apply painkillers

This is one of the effective ways to help you fight seasickness. You’ll need to put a patch behind your ear or take medication a few hours before boarding the boat. However, you must accept the state of lethargy and dry mouth if you use the drug.

While it greatly increases your seasickness, it’s not a good way. Obviously, you can’t focus on the ocean if you’re sleepy, right? Note that when taking medication to treat an ailment, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions to avoid an overdose, which will be very dangerous for the body.

3. Eat well before going to the beach

For people who often experience seasickness, often have a fear of eating, do not eat to avoid vomiting. This is a misconception that many people have. You should eat snacks, dry foods like bread, sweet potatoes. You should not eat too full to avoid food back up into the esophagus. Avoid oily foods, carbonated drinks, stimulants or fruit, acidic juices like oranges, grapefruits, tangerines…

Imagine if you don’t eat anything, your body will be tired. This is the main factor that makes you more prone to seasickness. Eat enough, have good health, you will reduce many conditions and the risk of seasickness.

4. Bring ginger when traveling to the sea

Tips for treating seasickness when grandparents go to the sea is to drink hot ginger water. It is an effective folk remedy against seasickness, motion sickness or low blood pressure. You cut the ginger into small slices and then mix it with warm water to drink. Otherwise, you can bring ginger candy or ginger jam to make your trip a pleasant one without headaches and seasickness.

5. Sit in a good position when boarding the boat

To avoid seasickness when traveling to the sea, you should choose a large ship. You may not know it, but large ships are often less shaken than smaller ships. Sitting in the middle compartment of the ship, not near the bow and stern of the ship, this position is easily affected by the waves. In addition, you should also stay away from places that smell of gasoline, oil… avoid places where a lot of people get seasick. Note that when sitting on a boat, don’t look at your phone, book because focusing on a point near your eyes will make seasickness much worse.

6. Keep your body warm

Avoid the sea breeze. When boarding a plane, you must remember to keep yourself warm, not only increasing your endurance but also preventing seasickness. You can wear a jacket, scarf, or hat to maintain your body temperature. In addition to warming up, one of the tips to reduce seasickness is to practice some simple movements before getting on the boat. Only a healthy body can overcome seasickness.

7. Have a very relaxed mind

There are some people with psychosis, even though they haven’t got off the ship yet, still feel seasick, still thinking about this “horror” scene. The best way, you need to prepare mentally well, think about interesting experiences during the trip, discover new things. Negative psychology, pessimism makes you seasick. Remember that the mental factor is very important. Instead of thinking about seasickness, focus on seeing the sights or talking to friends and people around you. This is a pretty effective tip for people who get seasick easily.

Hopefully, with the information shared above, you have an objective view of the seasickness issue. Apply some seasickness tips while traveling to the sea to have a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

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