1.5L excess fuel reaches 100km

Not so long ago, the Traffic Newspaper collected data from the Vietnam List and posted the TOP of the models with the best fuel consumption on the Vietnamese market. This ranking is sorted by category.

The results of the car model are a bit surprising when 2 models from Toyota, despite having the largest cylinder capacity, top the list. Ratings of motorcycle models can also bring surprises.

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Judging from the statistics, it can be seen that the dominance of Japanese car manufacturers, such as the Yamaha Grande in the popular scooter segment, Honda Future in the digital car segment, and Honda MSX125 in the manual scooter segment.

With popular scooters and digital scooters, it appears that the 110cc model, although smaller, is not the model with the best fuel consumption, but the model with the highest capacity, 125cc cylinder capacity. This may indicate that the concept of a small engine that uses less fuel has a “fault”.

When compared to the table, it can be seen that the Honda MSX125 model is the model with the best consumption when it does not require 1.5L gasoline to cover a distance of 100km. It should be added that this calculation is based on mixed fuel consumption, i.e. urban and long-distance roads.

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According to information from the Vietnam Registry, the Honda MSX125 (pictured) only needs 1.48L to go 100km.

The actual number and paper number may differ due to different application conditions; However, it is hard to deny that today’s internal combustion engines are not fuel efficient.

Research between Newscattle University, Australia and German University – Jordan, Jordan shows that gasoline engine models can transfer between 11% and 27% of power to the wheels, that figure for diesel engines from 25% to 37%.

Not the Wave, this is the most fuel efficient motorcycle in Vietnam: 1.5L excess petrol travels 100km - Photo 5.

Close-up view of the fuel combustion process of an internal combustion engine. Source: Warped Perception / Youtube

Today, technology has made a major contribution to making engines more fuel efficient. Some of the technologies that are very popular today can be mentioned like electronic fuel injection, variable valve technology, engine shut off technology…

Not only technology, the way a car is used also has a major impact on overall fuel consumption. There are several steps to avoid wasting fuel such as turning off the engine when waiting more than 30 seconds, checking tires regularly, using throttle regularly…

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