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15 year old golfer wins Lexus Challenge 2022 tournament

Before the final day of the 2022 Lexus Challenge, Vietnamese golf fans are looking forward to a dramatic match between Nguyen Anh Minh and Truong Chi Quan, who takes the top 2 spot in the rankings after 54 holes. . And what the two golfers showed in the last 18 holes at Ninh Binh did not disappoint the crowd.

This 15 year old golfer wins the Lexus Challenge 2022 tournament - Photo 1.

Nguyen Anh Minh entered the final with 2 strokes ahead of Truong Chi Quan. The 15-year-old golfer recorded 1 birdie but got 2 bogeys on the first 9 holes, but Truong Chi Quan couldn’t use it to close the gap with his juniors as he only got 2 birdies and 3 bogeys. Heading to the 11 par 5 hole thanks to Anh Minh’s missed putt, Truong Chi Quan equalized.

The turning point of the whole tournament came on hole 12. Chi Quan made a weak approach to the flag, causing the ball to fall into the water and incur a 1 stroke penalty, in the end he needed 4 strokes to bring the ball up. green. Both golfers lost another 2 putts to complete the hole and Anh Minh once again created a 2-stroke gap from his opponent. Both golfers birdied on hole 13 and three consecutive par points on holes 14-16. Hole 17 Anh Minh once again made the race very dramatic when he scored a regretful bogey point, shortening the distance to 1 stroke. All focus is on hole 18 par 5 of Trang An Golf & Country Club to find the champion.

15 year old golfer wins Lexus Challenge 2022 tournament - Photo 2.

Truong Chi Quan needs at least 1 birdie point to maintain his championship hopes. However, this golfer failed when placing the ball on the green, the ball fell into a rough area. Meanwhile, Anh Minh with a safety plan managed to place the ball on the green with 3 sticks. Truong Chi Quan then also managed to hit the ball about 8 feet from the flag on his third shot to keep his chances of getting a birdie point.

Despite being meticulous in puttingts, unfortunately Chi Quan’s putt only touched the edge of the hole and slid in regret. Nguyen Anh Minh made no mistake by putting 2 putts into the hole and officially became the tournament champion with a total score of +3.

The second place belonged to Truong Chi Quan. This was the third time in a row he had finished second in a major tournament. Previously runner-up in Lexus Challenge 2019, FLC Vietnam Masters 2020, and now Lexus Challenge 2022.

This 15 year old golfer wins the Lexus Challenge 2022 tournament - Photo 3.

In addition, Le Khanh Hung, the youngest golfer in the tournament, created a phenomenon. On the last day of the competition, Khanh Hung and his teammate Brian Jung experienced many breakthroughs, trying to catch up and suppress Anh Minh’s leading position. At the end of the round with 71 strokes, Khanh Hung drew for T2 with Truong Chi Quan with a total score of +4.

In the Girls group, Thao My has no opponents. Two young amateur athletes, Doan Xuan Khue Minh and Le Chuc An, are expected names, but with experience and endurance, Thao My is still far ahead of the competition. Thao My finished her round with a total score of +6 strokes after 4 days of fighting and officially became the Lexus Challenge 2022 champion. This was the first championship since she turned pro, and also the first championship. The first championship for a female golfer in a professional tournament in Vietnam.

This 15 year old golfer wins the 2022 Lexus Challenge tournament - Photo 4.

Nguyen Thao My is one of the best female golfers in Vietnam. She has twice been named National Women’s Amateur Champion (2014, 2015), as well as National Fighting Champion (2016) and has represented Vietnam many times in Asian Games, SEA Games.

The 2nd place in the Lexus Challenge 2022 is Doan Xuan Khue Minh with a total score of +13. The achievement of 73 strokes in the last round is Khue Minh’s best score in all 4 days of competition. According to the tournament rules, athletes born in 2003 are entitled to receive a prize money of 18 million VND without losing their amateur status. Third place in the tournament was Le Chuc An (amateur) and Nguyen Thi Van Anh with the same total of +22 strokes.

This 15 year old golfer wins the Lexus Challenge 2022 tournament - Photo 5.
15 year old golfer wins Lexus Challenge 2022 tournament - Photo 6.

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