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18-year-old “brother” leads a group of 13-year-old juniors specializing in interprovincial motorcycle theft

On March 13, Son Tra district police (Da Nang) prosecuted the case and arrested Nguyen Ba Tuan (SN 2004, residing in Hoa Hiep Nam ward, Lien Chieu district), Tran Dinh Y (SN 1994) and Huynh Thi Huynh. Van Hung (SN 2007, lives in the Tho Quang neighborhood, Son Tra district) about the act of “stealing property”.

Based on the investigation, from January to March 2022, there were many motorcycle thefts in the Son Tra area, most of which were owned by foreigners living in the area.

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Nguyen Ba Tuan – child thief gang leader

With professional action, the scouts identify Tuan as the leader of a group of motorcycle thieves. Junior Tuan, aged between 13 and 16, often leaves the house overnight, using the internet shop as their home.

The trick of this group is to go in groups of 3 to 4 people, use motorbikes to roam around the area, take advantage of people’s loopholes to steal cars. The car was stolen, Tuan gave it to Y and Hung to change the license plate and make fake papers to send to Quang Ngai for consumption.

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Hung (left) and Y are two naughty subjects who received the task of selling fake cars

After monitoring, on March 10 the police arrested Tuan, Y and Hung. From the perpetrator’s statement, the police arrested 11 other perpetrators in this line.

At the same time, scouts in Quang Ngai coordinated to arrest Dang Thanh Quan (born 1990, lives in Tu Nghia district, Quang Ngai province) and Huynh Xuan Trieu (born 1989, lives in Quang Ngai city) who sold motorbikes that sent by Mr’s group. 2 This subject admitted to having consumed 11 motorcycles of all kinds. These vehicles were refurbished by Quan and Trieu and then sold in Ho Chi Minh City, or sold online.

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A number of motorcycles as evidence

Currently, the police have confiscated 13 motorcycles with various types of spare parts, number plates, and car hooks.

The case is being further clarified.

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