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3 super toxic vegetables that cause cancer faster than the habit of eating betel nuts

Keeping up with the times, people’s perceptions of unhealthy food getting bigger and bigger. There were many dishes that were very popular in the past, but nowadays, science has proven that they are very harmful to the body.

Areca nut is one such dish. Those who are addicted to betel nuts say that after use, areca nut makes the spirit refreshing, pieces of betel nut are like cigarettes, the more you eat it, the more addicted you become.


Health experts say that people who eat betel nut regularly have a higher risk of stomach cancer, oral cancer, and colon cancer than other people. The main cause is due to the hard structure of the betel nut, which damages the oral mucosa, causes ulcers, causes peeling of the epidermis or creates multiple scratches. In addition, the toxins in betel leaf, betel leaf, lime or waterpipe tobacco will rub against the damaged area and cause serious illness.

Furthermore, areca nut contains the main components such as alkaloids and polyphenols. Scientific research has proven that alkaloids are mutagenic toxins, and are most closely related to the occurrence of cancer.


In 2003, the National Agency for Research on Cancer and the World Health Organization placed betel nut on a “black list” of carcinogens, classified as a class I carcinogen.

However, areca nut is not the only food that causes cancer. In nature, there are 3 types of vegetables that contain toxins, even faster to cause cancer than betel nut. Do you know what it is?

3 super poisonous vegetablescause cancer faster than the habit of eating betel nut

1. Cabbage with fresh stems, rotten roots

Cabbage is crunchy and very nutritious. They are rich in crude fiber, which not only moisturizes the intestines, promotes detoxification, but also stimulates intestinal peristalsis, increases stool excretion and aids digestion, has a very good effect on the prevention of colon cancer.

However, when buying to buy cabbage to eat, you also have to choose carefully. Because currently there are many types of cabbage on the market that are soaked in formalin before being sold to make it look fresher and last longer after a long journey of transportation.


When you go to the market, if you see that the roots are rotten, the cabbage leaves are very young and soft; If you smell a pungent odor, or have an unusual chemical smell, do not buy or use at all. Cabbage soaked in formalin can damage blood vessels, and even increase the risk of diseases associated with cancer of the respiratory tract (nose, throat, lung).

2. Pumpkin stored too long

Pumpkin has a delicious taste, high nutritional value, has a healthy effect on the spleen and stomach, increases gastric motility, and promotes digestion. The biggest advantage of pumpkin is that it can be preserved for a long time, especially in autumn and winter, it can be preserved for several months.


However, if the pumpkin is left for a long time, it must be watched carefully, if there are signs of rotten, damaged mushrooms, it must be discarded immediately. Since pumpkin is a vegetable with a high sugar content, if it is stored in a place that is too humid it will oxidize easily, the most visible sign of which is mold.

Pumpkin mushrooms can contain aflatoxins, mycotoxins that damage the liver and kidneys and cause liver cancer.

3. Weird mushrooms

There have been many cases of poisoning, loss of vision, nervous breakdowns due to eating poisonous mushrooms. Poisonous mushrooms are usually purple, yellow, red, black, blue… with an attractive and strange appearance, they often grow in tree holes, in dark and humid environments.


If unfortunately ingesting poisonous mushrooms will cause direct damage to the brain and nerves, causing mental confusion, dizziness, nausea, indigestion, stomach pain and even death.

Therefore, the advice is not to consume strange and colorful mushrooms out of curiosity, buy mushrooms that are popular in the market, especially enoki mushrooms, chicken thighs, abalone mushrooms, straw mushrooms…

Go to the market to buy vegetables, there are 2 rules to remember so as not to harm your health

1. Buy vegetables in season

Seasonal vegetables are often cleaner, cheaper and more nutritious. On the other hand, off-season vegetables can be vegetables that have been soaked with preservatives from the previous season or injected with ripening agents to make them cook faster.

There are vegetables all year round, which can be purchased are leeks, bean sprouts, asparagus, leeks…

In summer, you should buy cucumbers, wax gourds, chickpeas, peppers, tomatoes, green beans, green beans, morning glories, kale…

In autumn and winter, you should buy carrots, tomatoes, lotus root, peas, cauliflower, mustard greens, cabbage, kohlrabi, chrysanthemums…

2. Try not to buy vegetables that look too perfect

When buying vegetables, don’t buy vegetables that are too bright, without cracking, or wilting as these vegetables can be sprayed with preservatives or a formaldehyde solution to make them look better.

Usually the vegetables will wilt during transportation, but when handled they still feel heavy, crispy, no foreign matter on the leaves, petioles, fruit knobs, fruit stalks… a

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