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3-year-old girl nailed to head: Suspect could face death penalty

On March 13, according to information from Saint Paul General Hospital, after a period of treatment at the Pediatric Emergency Department, a 3-year-old girl D.NA, who lives in Thach That, Hanoi, was molested by her lover. , shot 9 nails in the head died on the night of March 12.

The cause of death of the baby A. was determined because the brain damage was too severe, irreversible. In more than 2 months of treatment here, A. has never moved a limb or made any progress.

Previously, based on preliminary investigative documents and the subject’s confession, the Hanoi City Public Security Investigation Police Agency issued a decision to prosecute a criminal case and an emergency detention order against Nguyen Trung Huyen (30 years, living in Thach That district, Hanoi) for the act of “murder” under Article 123 (KUHP 2015).

It is known that the victim is the youngest of 3 siblings. The child’s parents divorced recently. Prior to the above incident, baby A. lived with his mother and lover in the commune of Can Kiem (Thach That District).

3-year-old girl nailed to head: Suspect could face sentence amp;#34;Death penalty amp;#34;  - first

Figure 9 nails that Huyen drove into A’s head.

According to a local resident, Ms L and her employer have contracted here since September 2021. They live quite privately, with little communication with the people around them. A. himself is an obedient child, but quite shy.

During her life, there were many conflicts between Ms. L and his girlfriend. When it came to the events that happened to A. many people shared the same state of shock and astonishment.

Information from the child’s relatives said that, in the last few months, baby A. had been hospitalized 4 times for reasons not much expected.

In particular, the first time he had a foreign body in his right nose, he was admitted to the National Children’s Hospital. The second time he was poisoned with pesticides, he had to be taken to the Thach That District General Hospital, then to the National Children’s Hospital. The third time just about a month ago, he was found to have 3 spikes in his digestive tract and this time 9 nails stuck in his skull.

According to preliminary information, on January 17, the Emergency Unit, Thach That District General Hospital received a 3-year-old child, who lives in Canh Nau commune, Thach That district, hospitalized in a coma and convulsions.

Through X-rays, doctors found 9 nail-like objects in the baby’s skull. After an hour of emergency resuscitation, before being critically ill, the patient was transferred to Saint Paul General Hospital for further treatment.

3-year-old girl nailed to head: Suspect could face sentence amp;#34;Death penalty amp;#34;  - 2

After more than 2 months of treatment, child A. did not survive

Looking at the case from a legal perspective, lawyer Nguyen Anh Thom (Head of Nguyen Anh Law Firm, Hanoi Bar Association) expressed his opinion that the subject’s criminal behavior was cruel, barbaric when he thought of killing 3 people. year old boy in pain.

The criminal behavior of the subject has caused terror, horror in society and great anger of people. Only because he was angry with A.’s grandson who was his lover’s stepdaughter, the subject had the intention to torture, beat, and kill the baby so that he would not have to take care of him and not affect the lives of himself and his lover. With a motive, the purpose of infanticide shows humiliation, the process of committing a savage crime, so it is necessary to deal with the object in the most serious way to have prevention and punishment to meet the requirements. crimes against children in the current situation.

Thus, with the death of the baby, the suspect’s actions are no longer included in an unsatisfactory case. Therefore, the suspect’s criminal act has been completed, then he must be responsible for the crime of “murder”. The criminal and criminal acts as referred to in points b, I, n, q, Paragraph 1, Article 123 of the Criminal Code with the highest penalty of “death penalty” shall be punished, according to the law and in accordance with the nature and legal consequences. For the heinous act of killing his grandson many times without success, the subject must endure more burdensome circumstances for committing the crime of “murder” twice or more as specified in Letter g, Paragraph 1, Article 52 of the Criminal Code.

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