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4 types of bonsai you MUST NOT put in your bedroom

1. Money tree

This is quite a popular and well-loved plant, the name alone says it all. It is believed that placing a money tree in the house will help restore luck.

About money feng shui money tree should be placed in the living room, not in the bedroom. For the lobby of the house, this tree can be placed but must have a high base, near the door, avoid placing the tree opposite the door.

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2. Lucky Tree

The lucky tree had strong vitality even in harsh conditions, but its trunk still grew proudly. The fortune tree has broad green leaves, usually 1m long, 10cm wide if planted outside, lush, full of energy, trunk many books, hollow inside.

The fortune tree should be placed in the living room because this is where the bringer of fortune and fortune is, the tree looks very beautiful when placed in the living room to help decorate the interior.

You can also choose to place trees in the hallway because the corridor has a large space, the trees are easy to grow and fertile, both help beautify the beauty and help purify the air, increase the living space to be fresher, bring health and vitality. good health for the owner.

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Besides that, the table is also a good place to put a fortune tree, it will help the homeowner’s job develop smoothly, his career path smoothly. The fortune tree easily adapts to different environmental conditions, so the tree can still live in a low-light environment in the office or at home.

This plant should only be placed in a small pot in the house because the fortune tree is not good for health, so it should not be placed in the bedroom. The fortune tree blooms at the end of the year, in cold weather, the flowers bloom in clusters, with a fragrant aroma.

3. Cactus

According to feng shui, cactus means a source of strength and has the ability to neutralize strong external forms, because this plant has a very special shape with a body that grows upwards, like the shape of a dragon’s bone.

Therefore, this plant is one of the objects that have a high chemical effect, but is very taboo when decorated in the house. So when using a cactus, it should only be placed outside the door, like a god who guards and protects you and your family from bad energies that should not enter the house.

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In feng shui, because the cactus has many sharp spines, it is a symbol of bad air and affects those who decorate it in the house.

As for placing cacti in the bedroom, this is clearly the wrong thing to do. Because feng shui experts believe that the thorny part of this plant means confrontation, tit for tat. This makes husband and wife vulnerable to each other (mild), intolerant, patient and many other negative things related to emotions.

4. OLDHey brother

At night, this flower emits an aroma that stimulates the sense of smell, if inhaled for a long time will cause people to smell high blood pressure, heart disease, dizziness, dizziness, and more serious illnesses. But this flower is also a beautiful fragrant flower and has the effect of repelling mosquitoes, often suitable for decoration in yards and balconies.

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Notes when placing bonsai in the bedroom

Don’t have too many and the tree is too big

The bedroom is basically a private space, the space is not too big, the ventilation is not very good, so in the house, it is possible to plant some green plants with more bark, less value, small and delicate and feed it release oxygen during the day day, reducing nutrition at night.

It can also absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, but if the light in the room is not good, airtight places for a long time will not be conducive to the growth of potted flowers.

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Don’t order flowers that are too fragrant

The private space of the bedroom is more refreshing and beautiful if you put some potted plants, but flowers with strong floral scents like lilies, daffodils, gardenias… too strong can affect your health. sleep, try not to put them in the bedroom. If you want to add color, you can add some fresh cut flowers.

The bedroom space (Yin’s), tends to be static, so it is not recommended to plant large dark trees and rough and coarse roots. Avoid the wrong bonsai tree, large leaves that entangle the path, blocking movement and blurring the view.

In particular, placing fresh flowers at the head of the bed will effectively open doors for homeowners. However, it is also important to note that when choosing flowers, you should take soft colors as the main color, do not choose flowers with strong colors and aromas to avoid stuffiness and allergies.

Decorating green plants needs to show the effect and characteristics of the bedroom, namely softness, comfort, comfort and serenity. Therefore, when choosing plants to put in the bedroom, you should choose plants with long leaves, choose trees with many leaves as the main thing.

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