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After all, did he do it on purpose or by accident?

Since she became an integral part of the British Royal Family, Kate Middleton has been considered a “fashion icon” to replace the number 1 fashion icon of the Royal Family – the late Princess Diana Spencer. Kate’s charm stems from her 1m75 height, thin shoulders, beautiful face with regal beauty and a temperament that is difficult for anyone to “plagiarize”.

But as stylish as he is, sometimes people are confused by his style of dress. During a visit to Henry Fawcet School (England), the Princess appeared in a shirt … worn backwards.

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Still with the same naturally curly classic brown hair and gorgeous earrings, the Princess took to the streets in high-waisted trousers, accompanied by a blouse model for nearly 24 million VND from Gucci.

Kate Middleton and the evil fashion bug: Was it intentional or unintentional?  - Photo 3.

The blouse model with the usual bow tie in front of the neck is quite prominent to highlight the figure of a mighty woman in the Royal Family. There’s no point in discussing it if the press doesn’t see the buttons on the wearer’s shirt…

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…because instead of lying on her back like the picture on the Gucci website, Kate’s buttons run all the way to the front. This must be a sign of wearing a reverse shirt

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The row of buttons, whether facing forward or backward, has little effect on the appearance of the garment, does not have a “hacking” effect. Therefore, there is a possibility that Kate Middleton is in a hurry to wear her clothes upside down

As a woman known for her attention to detail, it’s funny that Kate wears her shirt upside down. I don’t know how busy the Princess is, but this could be a costume incident that makes her burst out laughing every time she thinks about it.

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