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Asked to JOIN with the given words, students “show off” 3 sentences in a row, making the teacher blush.

No matter how serious, in the hands of elementary school students, many Vietnamese exercises become stories… jokes. Remember the “underground sentence-making phase” with the word “gentle” an elementary school student? While classmates ask very… the stereotype is: My teacher is very gentle, but a “youth” suddenly fights the crowd very cool. This student asks the question: Peach… soft. Going to teach but facing such a “divine” task, the teacher does not need to watch comedy films to relieve stress.

The recent case at an elementary school in Xinyang, Henan, China on March 7 was no less funny. The teacher asks a male student in the class to choose from the available words: “I/Chi”, “Dance”, “Principal”, “Peacock Dance”, “Grandpa”, “Tran” and some other words to forming sentences, the cute boy did 3 sentences in a row, causing the teacher to freeze.

Asked a QUESTION with the words given, students

The first sentence the boy made was: Grandpa, the principal danced the peacock dance for me. This was clearly not the answer the teacher wanted, so the teacher asked the child to create a new question.

The child thought for a moment and then read a new sentence: Grandpa dancing peacock for the principal. Still not satisfied, said the teacher, this sentence does not make sense, the old man did not dance the peacock. Of course, the young man had to think of another sentence.

This time the students stopped to think for a moment and then slowly spoke the last sentence: The principal danced a peacock for my grandfather and I.

The boy asked 3 sentences with a very serious expression which made the Literature teacher find it too funny, so he gave up, let the boy return to his seat and jokingly said: “If you put it like this, the principal will fire you.” make everyone laugh.

Asked a QUESTION with the words given, students

This video has caused lively discussion on social networks, netizens are all delighted by this student’s innocence and creativity: “The grammar of the sentences is fine, just not the right idea. just a teacher”; “The original sentence could be “I dance a peacock for the principal” but I still prefer the student’s sentence”…

However, according to some netizens, from a grammatical point of view, the boy’s sentence does not matter, the problem is that the teacher applies an adult’s point of view to the child’s thinking. . Children will think from the start that they can’t dance the peacock dance, dancing is an adult’s job, so the first reaction when making sentences is that grandparents dance, or the main dance. There’s nothing wrong with this. The teacher should explain, not deny it rigidly. do-mat-tia-tai-sau-nay-non-con-mat-mui-gap-thay-hieu-truong-20220312215006789.chn

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