Beating like “punching the audience in the eye”, SofM and his teammates “appeared” for the second game in a row

Two-week competition on Saturday and the 8th LPL Spring 2022 It’s really a nightmare for fans Weibo Gaming. From being an invincible team, SofM and his teammates are literally “turned off” in a confrontation with “Royal Legion” Royal Never Give Up from “parents” Bin. Then, in the final game of week 7, WBG Despite winning against LGD Gaming, this is a too weak opponent and WBG’s victory is also considered unconvincing.

Punches like punching spectators in the eye, SofM and teammates hang up their shirts for the second game in a row - Photo 1.

WBG has not been in good form in the last 2 weeks of competition

Through the 8th week of competition, WBG continues to lose weakly against Top Esports. However, if TES is a team that is in fairly high form with consecutive wins, recently in the last match of Week 8, WBG continued to make fans “go from disappointment to disappointment” against Rare Atom.

Against weak opponents like RA, WBG is expected to be able to play hard to regain the fans’ trust, as well as mentally prepare for the upcoming playoff series. But no, the WBG continues to put on a very disappointing face. The 2 games of SofM and his teammates can be summed up in 2 words “disaster”.

Discrete shows, unclear combinations and situations that “hit the audience’s eye”. Even in game 2, it felt like every WBG player was playing alone because during the game, the whole team didn’t have good coordination. Moreover, pillars such as TheShy, SofM or Angel also “eat and forget the way home”. And as usual, Huanfeng’s “swallow wing” was completely helpless. And “Teacher Coach” himself doesn’t have a good day when he can barely deal damage in a team fight.

WBG vs RA _ Highlights – Game 1 _ Week 8 Day 7 _ LPL Spring 2022

WBG vs RA _ Highlights – Game 2 _ Week 8 Day 7 _ LPL Spring 2022

With this loss, WBG is in danger of dropping to 4th place if TES wins Invictus Gaming in the ongoing match right after the WBG – RA match. But ranking is one thing, important SofM and his teammates leave a lot of worries behind. If it doesn’t improve soon, it’s possible that the “trauma” of being eliminated early in the playoffs will reappear before the eyes of the WBG members.

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