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Best Features Coming to iOS 15.4 Official Release-Information Technology

Sunday, March 13, 2022 08:00 (GMT+7)

iOS 15.4 will be an important update to the operating system that brings a number of exciting new features to iPhone users.

iOS 15.4 will likely be the last major release of this operating system before Apple shift focus to iOS 16 and WWDC 2022. However, before that, the company wants to provide existing iPhone users with some new features and experience improvements. The following are exciting features that users will get when iOS 15.4 is released.

Face ID when wearing a mask

One of the most prominent features on iPhones with iOS 15.4 is the ability to use Face ID even when the user is wearing a mask. Currently, Face ID on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 cannot be used with masks.

Best feature is coming to iOS 15.4 official version - 1

Apple’s first solution that allows Apple Watch users to unlock their iPhone with a wearable. This new feature will help users unlock their iPhone with Face ID even if they don’t have an Apple Watch. It will also allow users to authenticate Apple Pay transactions and sign in with third-party apps using Face ID. This new feature works by scanning “unique features around the eye area”. Note that this feature will only be available on the iPhone 12 and 13 series due to an upgrade to the True Depth camera used for Face ID.

SharePlay directly from supported apps

SharePlay allows users to enjoy movies, music, and TV shows with other Apple device owners. With iOS 15.4, users can enable SharePlay directly from the sharing page of any app that supports it. For example, users can listen to their favorite songs, albums or playlists with friends via SharePlay within the Music app itself.

Notes in iCloud Keychain

The best features are coming to the official iOS 15.4 version - 3

Apple seems to be slowly turning iCloud Keychain into a comprehensive password management utility for its ecosystem. iOS 15.4 adds a new Notes section to iCloud Keychain. So the user can add a note along with any login details that the user saves. This could be a password hint, a user request to deactivate an account, etc.

New Emojis

iOS 15.4 supports Emoji 14 which brings 37 new emojis and more than 70 skin tone options, bringing the total to 112 new emoji characters that users can use to enhance their taste in conversation and interaction.

The new face characters include a melting face, a greeting face, a face with peeking eyes, a face with a diagonal mouth, and a face with a dotted line. New emojis added in the update include lip biting and bubbles.

Best feature is coming to iOS 15.4 official version - 4

Notify to run option in Shortcuts app

iOS 15.4 also brings an interesting update to the Shortcuts app. When setting up a new Personal Automation, users will see a new “Notify to Run” option. They can use this option to enable or disable notifications whenever automation is enabled. This wasn’t possible in older versions of iOS, and it made the iPhone less annoying as the automation only started in the background and users wouldn’t be notified unless they wanted to.


Users should immediately update to iOS 15.4 for the following reasons:

On the morning of March 9th, Apple officially launched the iPhone SE 2022, iPad Air 2022, Mac Studio … and iOS 15.4 update with many important improvements, especially the iPhone unlock feature …

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