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BLACKPINK junior’s new hit “taken” from iKON?

TREASURE just had a successful comeback with the MV of the song that YG spent billions of money to make is called JIKJIN. Besides the expensive MV, the melody and choreography of the song JIKJIN Also an impressive investment. The dance-hip-hop melody combined with the difficult choreography has created a unique product in the YG family.

Due to the difficulty of the song, the cover was successful JIKJIN is not an easy thing. But recently, on March 12, senior group TREASURE iKON released a cover performance of the song. JIKJIN very impressive.

iKON covers the song TREASURE JIKJIN

If TREASURE has 12 members, iKON only has 6 members but enough to perform this song. From Jinhwan’s singing, Junhoe’s singing, DK’s dance performance to Bobby’s colorful rap… everything fits perfectly with the spirit of the song. JIKJIN.

JIKJIN is like a song born for iKON

iKON smoothly handles the difficult song of TREASURE juniors

TREASURE appears at the end of the show

After watching iKON’s cover JIKJIN then many people suddenly realized that TREASURE’s color is a bit similar to iKON and JIKJIN It’s like a song for iKON. This further proves the point of view of the fans so far: “Only YG chickens can cover YG music”.

– Previously, it was true that only YG could cover YG music.

– It’s true that YG music has always had unique features that only the same company could cover.

– It’s actually better than the original.

-I think nothing can cover JIKJIN, iKON is amazing.

– When will iKON comeback?

– Or is this a song for iKON, it can’t be like this!

Source, clip: YT – Photo: Cut from clip boygroup-gong-nha-20220313145138467.chn

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