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BMW M5 ready to live with reluctant ‘upgrade’

Weight is one of the biggest “enemies” of performance cars, no matter how powerful they are. It’s no coincidence that the BMW M5’s most powerful configuration is the M5 CS, which was forced to shed 70 kg to achieve the best performance, but 1,825 kg is still quite a lot for a car. at such a speed.

BMW M5 ready to live with reluctant upgrades - Photo 1.

To improve the BMW M5 CS even further in next year’s release, the Bavarian brand has two ways. First, it reduces vehicle weight even further by using more carbon fiber – a solution that will drive the price of the car significantly higher. Second, using a rechargeable hybrid powertrain will not only help increase total capacity, it will also help reduce fuel consumption and reduce emissions – two crucial factors that determine whether the car can still be present in Europe or not. .

If we look at the two options above, we can guess which side will be chosen by BMW, especially since the BMW XM flagship super SUV has been confirmed to use a hybrid powertrain. The trial version of the BMW M5 2023 that just arrived in Northern Europe also confirms this factor with a gold sticker on the front door and rear bumper, not to mention the charging port on the front left side.

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As usual, the BMW M5 still has high-performance elements that make it easy to distinguish from the lower-end versions such as thick brakes at the front and rear and a quad exhaust system. One notable design element of the car is that the controversial giant heatsink used on the M3/M4 doesn’t appear, but rather the hidden door handle system.

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In addition to the high-performance version of the new M5, the BMW 5-Series will soon have an all-electric version of the i5. All three cars are expected to be launched in 2023.

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