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Body of 9 year old boy found in lake after day of “disappearing”

Around 4 pm on March 12, finding their son missing after leaving home, his parents Nguyen Nam Ph. (born 2013, living in Phu Hoi area, Hue city) went to the Phu Hoi county police station to make a report.

From night to late on the same day, many people and functional forces organized the search for the baby, but to no avail.

On the morning of March 13th, people went to the ecological lake Tim Tim (behind the TT-Hue provincial Film and Culture Center) to exercise, when they found the body of a young victim, they reported it to the local authorities. .

Through verification by functional parties and family members, the victim who died in the lake was a Ph.D. The baby’s body was then brought back to the family for later care.

According to Ms. Vo Thi Anh Thu – Chairman of the Phu Hoi Regional People’s Committee (Hue City), preliminary verification by the police showed that Ph. Death in the lake may have been from drowning, no sign of murder.

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